EU tanks sold to Chad?

Can anyone give some expert opinion on this vehicle? It's an AML 90/Eland of the Chadian army photographed in Darfur in December. The question is, how new is it? is there anything to identify it as recently refurbished or upgraded?


AML 90/Eland supposedly French designed, made in South Africa and upgraded/refurbished in Belgium last year. Can you spot anything that would confirm/contradict?
Try reposting the question in the AFV spotters thread. ("any AFV spotters..." or something - you'll find it.)
Are you certain that this was photographed in Darfur? This is the first I´ve heard that the Chadian army is operating in Sudan, although Chadian rebel groups are operating from Sudan. Please clarify. Regarding the vehicles, I don´t know how old they are, but it of course France supplies a lot of kit to them, as do other countries.
thanks guys. Yes it was taken on the Chadian side of the border in Darfur on December 6, 2007. Here the caption:

(FILES) Chadian soldiers ride on armoured vehicles 06 December 2007, south of the Kapka mountain range in the east of the country near the border with Sudan's troubled Darfur region. Tense relations between Sudan and Chad are being pushed toward open conflict with each side accusing the other of seeking to destabilise their already fragile common border region. Sudan said 06 Janaury 2008 it was ready for any Chadian attack the day after Chadian President Idriss Deby Itno said his forces would pursue rebels into Sudan's Darfur, which neighbours Chad, if necessary. AFP PHOTO FILES / Sonia Rolley

I was wondering whether it's a recent acquisition...
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