EU Stars Deserting ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Border_Reiver, Mar 18, 2013.

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    So this pair are moving on ... linky ... BBC News - Key EU figures Van Rompuy and Ashton to quit in 2014 ...

    Bit of a Wallace and Grommit look about them ... apologies to them ....wonder if they will get a good leaving package ?
  2. Not before time. but I bet with an EU pension they won't need to work again !

    Let’s hope we get some decent people next time and not compromise candidates
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  3. Looks like a still from the Muppet show.
    Don't know what either of the fuckers did for their exorbitant salary, and I won't miss either of them.
    Snouts in the trough cunts the lot of them!
  4. Looking at them I'm inclined to believe David Ike's theories regarding lizard people.
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  5. What's the go with her neck? It's got more folds than a fucking origami lesson.
  6. Goatrutar you are so lucky, we in Europe wish that we had never heard of them. As for downies, they are probably more honest.
  7. Ashton was a mate of Bliar. She fucked up here to such an extent even he could no longer tolerate the skid mark and anyway, even the chavs were starting to question St Tone on that one. So he packs her off to the EU as a Baroness or something just so she could keep in petty cash to top off her Parliamentary pension.

    Van Rumpypumpy or whatever has a similarly distinguished career as a cretin in public office at the department for self aggrandisement I understand.

    No doubt wiki has something but I need a lie down now. That little vein in my temple s throbbing again.
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  8. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    the pair of them have appalling records in office and should be sacked to save some cash but that would set a precedent and we cant have that.
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  9. Ashton has never held any elected office, every job she ever had has been provided by her "benefactors" we live in some sort of parallel world where these shoe scrapings get to run and say how we the electorate should run our lives but we dont get a say in who makes those decisions.

    Over the years we have had a string of failed fuck ups crow-bared in to the EU as some sort of pat on the back for failure, no wonder the EU is such a dogs dinner.
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  10. It does seem very wrong that someone can be elevated (?) to the House of Lords and then become part of an elected government - bit of contradiction there. Anyway, Kinock x2 have been repatriated and with Ashton going surely the EU can only get better.
  11. Worth reminding ourself of that one again. Pure comedy!

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  12. Awful though she is, to our eyes, there are far worse waiting in the wings to replace her. I recall an Italian noting with evident amusement (during the Berlusconi era) that the things for which the Brits were criticising Blair & NuLab would not even warrant a raised eyebrow in Italy and the Latin-world. Quite simply, the Brits and Nort Europeans expect so much more from our people in public office than do our southern colleagues for theirs.

    All told, I'm glad that functionaries elected to high office in the EU Commission are looked after in their retirement. They all have decades of public service behind them and deserve the fair pension that will enable them to live in relative comfort during their latter years. It's a just reward for just service.