EU shoots down tough Blair

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, May 5, 2006.

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  1. EU shoots down tough Blair
    Posted by David Rennie at 04 May 06 15:08 in Law, Politics, Europe. Daily Telegraph

    Bold promises from Tony Blair yesterday, as he pledged to resolve the crisis over deportations of foreign criminals.
    The whole system of deporting foreigners who commit crimes serious enough to serve prison time would be rebuilt "so that those [foreigners] who are
    convicted of a serious offence are deported automatically," the PM told the Commons.

    There was just one problem with his vow. It was not true - and could never be true, thanks (among other reasons) to a brand new European Union
    directive, which makes it far harder to expel foreigners who are citizens of one of the 25 EU nations.


    Poor Tone, seems everyone hates him.
  2. It's also vitually impossible to deport anyone to a nation where they could face the death penalty, torture or other "human rights" violation.

    Which rules out.... A fair swathe the planet actually.
  3. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I have no probs with the position that we can't deport someone to a country where he/she may face torture death etc. but we need a new 'contract' with people who come to the UK as immigrants/assylum seekers etc. One of those things should be that if you commit a crime that ends up in a prison sentence, or if you get involved in terrorism etc you will be deported, and where it is unsafe to deport you will be detained until you can be deported - if you think that that is is unfair - don't commit crimes in the UK, or don't come to the UK.

    If the EU objects - well what has the EU ever done for us? Roads? Aquaducts? Law and Order? Lets leave the EU....
  4. Well said. What are the chances of that happening though? :roll:
  5. :roll:

    Something less than zero.
  6. Well if we cant deport them back to their own country then send them back to the first country in the EU were they arrived ..................daresay the frogs will soon change their tune
  7. The EU? Isn't the primary duty of any government the protection of the UK? Are we to be dictated to by a bunch of unrepresentative and unelected foreigners? What has happened to the sovereignty of our nation?

    We need a referendum on withdrawal from Europe...NOW!
  8. I say go through with the deportation process and revoke their citizenship/residency status and then if they pull the old torture/death penalty move then you throw them into a Immigration & Nationality Directorate 'holding centre', read prison, until things change back home and they can be sent back. If that means they have to sit inside for an indefinately long while then so be it - just call it gentle encouragement to voluntarily leave. If it means having to spend the cash to build some new facilities and pay for their running then I'd say it was worth it, besides I'm sure there are few things here and there in the budget that could be cut to help fund it.