EU Rules Migrant families can stay in UK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JoeCivvie, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. This is going to be interesting. Now if anyone - from anywhere - can get their child into a UK school the UK will not only have to give them free education but also give them benefit.

    Buy shares in airlines and ferries, because most of the developing world will now be heading to the UK, and get down the bookies to get good odds on the next government being BNP while you can.

  2. I remember when we were a Sovereign nation....
  3. But on the bright side, you can buy huge chunks of Africa that is totally empty for next to nothing :D
  4. The left/liberal apologist posters on here are away at the moment consulting their spin doctors....... expect them along shortly if only to deviate and obfuscate the issue.
  5. This is a true story Guys and not one plucked off the top off my head. I was based in Hounslow (West London) in the Mid Eighties, decided that I had enough of the Army and informed my CO that I was to part ways after 9 years service. I Left in May 88 and started work at Heathrow Airport as a Security Supervisor (No drain on the nation) I was renting a room in a house with shared facilities which at the time was costing me £270 a month plus bills electric, phone, gas etc

    About two months later I met my old Welfare Warrant Officer in the Pub (Yip I used to drink as a civvy) and he asked how things were I told him it was ok but my biggest gripe was paying £270 plus bills for a pokey room in a house. He then explained to me that I was an “Incoming Worker” and because I worked since the age of 16 (I was then 28) I had accrued enough points over those years to entitle me to at least a one bedroom flat. Armed with a letter of evidence from the very same WO a week later I had an appointment with someone from the councils Housing Department.

    I was ushered into a little booth where upon I met them ‘Man from The Council’, I think his name was “Rashid Hussian” or something I could be wrong. We had a long conversation and he was explaining the rules and regulations to me and then he started to wind up the interview when he said to me (In his bestest Pigeon English!! I have a neck talking about Speaking English I am a Porridge Wog!!) , now I will never forget this to my dying day.

    “Mr ******* I have taken on board all of your points however the best thing for you to do is go ‘Back to your own country’ where you may have a better chance of accommodation”.
    The man telling me this was not a British born Asian but one who been in country 12 years at that time, so I was duly put back in my box. I know the question you are all going to ask?

    “Did you kick off?” Your dam right I kicked off and chased the little Bar Steward across the council offices, to hear him screaming like a girl was good enough for me. I then took myself back to Cavalry Barrack and asked the RSM if I could re join and the rest they say is history.

    The Moral of this story is “It is not only in recent years we have been Shafting our own”


  6. Magician. Yopu are clearly a decent, but misguided, citizen. You don't go armed with papers showing your entitlements and rights. You go with a brown envelope.
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Case 2. Portugese citizen (therefore an EU national not a "foreign" national) has a brat in UK. It does not say whether the father was British or Portugese, but either way the brat would be entitled to stay in UK, therefore logically the mother too.
    Don't have an issue with that one.

    Case 1 is more interesting.
    Danish bloke working in UK, fine. Imports his Somali wife and brats - what is the UK immigration policy regarding that? Why was she not obliged to leave with her husband a year later? Then there would have been no case, 7 years later it appears there is.
  8. How right you are

  9. And based on this little nugget

    European Union law clearly stated that it would be unjust to interfere with a child's education once it had legally begun.

    Can the Armed Forces now refuse posting orders on the basis that a posting would interfere with a childs education or is it just one rule that only applies to financial migrants?
  10. Or a brown face ;)
  11. Abhorrent as it is seeing the social funds being wasted on foreign scroungers (we should be looking after our own scroungers first eh?) but the UK is down the pecking order in the European league too. We are topped by Germany (who usually top all Euro leagues), France and (we are) closely followed by Italy and Spain. Denmark and Holland are also favourite places for johnny parasite.

    If I was in need of a change of scenery to feed my lazy work-shy needs then the UK would be down my list of choices. Ffs, southern Ireland would be a better option!

    What does make me think though, if the above statistics are still valid, is that we are getting the untermensch of the migrants as all the clever ones are opting for elsewhere.
  12. The article isn't very well worded, but the children have Danish citizenship & it reads as if the wife had attained it too.
  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    If that is true, why were they wasting taxpayers money on a court case they could not possibly win?
    Why would she want to be in UK rather than Denmark which probably has the best social and education system in Europe?
  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Dosen't this mean that those living ion France in the camp are there fopre entitled to bennifit and homes

    I welcome the EUI tightning the law because it means the first country the arrive at must take them and very few will actually reach the UK