EU requests extra £5.5bn in spending

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Varro, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. From the Torygraph:

    British taxpayers face £600m bill as EU defies Cameron's calls for austerity

    Despite attempts from the UK, Germany and France to halt the Brussels spending train, the EU looks likely to demand an increase in contributions for the EU budget of 4.9% (£5.5bn). This will require another massive contribution from the member states. Is this fair in the midst of austerity measures from most national governments, and in the wake of some huge financial bailouts?
  2. Have its account been signed off yet?
    Would you invest your money in a company auditors have refused to put their name to for the last 16 years?

    The EU should be told to get its house in order before it takes more money to plug the corruption holes with.
  3. The EU should look for savings in it's present budget,before seeking extra funds.Savings could be made:

    aa.In MEPs salary and perks.
    bb.In EU empire building(particularly in Foreign Affairs)
    cc.Reform of the CAP

    The list goes on........
  4. It is ironic that whilst Cameron has spoken about the gigantism and inefficencies of the UK, he is a timd coward when comes to addressing the bloated EU.

    I fear that unless and until our politicians are seriously frightened by mass marches and people voting for parties which promise to get us out, they will do nothing about it.
  5. "When you are in a hole, stop digging", seems the spendthrift EU are learning the hard way that if they keep on spending then someone is going to get very very cross and next thing BLOOEY! the money seems to have run out, and it certainly will in very short order I reckon, no stats to back it up cos its just my own belief.
  6. Just wait until the EU seizes the ability to raise taxes directly from member states.....
  7. The day that happens is the day I become a pikey. I shall miss being British.
  8. Cameron will huff, and he'll puff, and then he'll pay up the money like a good boy.
  9. Surely you mean a caravan utilising nomadic traveller?
  10. Whats the betting certain newspapers will report he'll take no crap from Europe and refuse to pay 600 million because he knows British taxpayers can't afford it.

    Then he'll give them 599 million.
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  11. :thumright:

    A great future awaits you in a Government spin department with that sort of creative thinking!:thumright:
  12. Cameron is guaranteed to PAY this. Sorry, I meant we are guaranteed to pay this.

    When will someone guarantee to get us OUT of this corrupt disorganisation?

    Some say we cannot leave the EU; but we can. It needs a leader of the stature and intellect of Mrs. Thatcher and 'bingo': free. Free to go cap in hand to our wonderful, English speaking Commonwealth and beg for forgiveness.

    What would the EU do if we simply left? Send a couple of Panzer Divisions over to discipline us?

  13. I think we already have that covered. The Panzers arrive on the Kent coast where the crews are directed to reception centres and informed of their welfare benefits rights in UK.

    Whilst many Eurozone invaders, attracted by a giro munching lifestyle, defect to sign on at the Dover Jobcentre (and thence to get measured for a free Housing Assn flat) others remain adherents to Eurozone SS. But they return to find their panzers clamped by unregulated clamping cowboys.

    They then find that they cannot get the Denver boots released because the clamping cowboys only accept sterling.

    Worry not. Things have a way of working out.
  14. It does odd to me,that Member States,including UK,seem to ignore the fact that the Court of Auditors of the EU,have failed to sign off the accounts,for years.If Cameron is looking for savings,may be the Auditors should be sacked,since no one seems to take any notice of them?
  15. When(and not if) that happens,France will finally bankrupt Britain.

    The EU empire is so corrupt as to dwarf corruption in India and Pakistan and anywhere else in Asia.

    90% direct taxes and fuel at 2 quid/litre anyone?.