EU referendum vote, wrong result?

Did the EU referendum vote in Parliament not go the way you wanted? Feeling the democratic deficit? Surprised that no free vote was given and all parties have no problem promising a referendum while seeking your votes but will never give you one? Wondering why after they have milked the UK Govt system virtually all of our politicians seem to end up sucking on the EU teet, ala the Kinnocks?

Think what would the EU do and has done to the likes of Ireland; keep asking until the right result is given.

Following a suggestion by Old Holborn, passed on by Guido and adding names fast.
Deploy the Power Of Arrse to help get this petition up to 200,000 then Parliment will ignore it so the next petition will go up to 300,000 and so on

It is straight out of the EU playbook you know it makes sense
I think we've had a number of threads on this. It's never going to happen, forget it, move on. Turkeys, Christmas...
Bonfire night coming up. Celebrating an attempt to blow up the houses of parliament. Very topical - gets my vote.
And they wouldn't see it as a reflection of the country's feelings toward them anyway.
I'll sign it. I'd rather be an angry sheep protesting all the way to the slaughterhouse than a baa baa sleepwalking meekly into fatalistic oblivion ............... [It's the Merlot I use as angry fuel you know]
So have I, but it'll do no good. They're deaf to the public's wishes.
I've signed it although i doubt it'll do much good. Those in charge will always think they know better than those that elected them. It'll be ignored as all such petitions are.
As posted elsewhere - what has the EU ever done for us apart from giving us

- Cheap Beer wine and other booze. The £36 Bn spent on booze every year goes a further 50% thanks to open borders with France (worth £12Bn per year)

- Cheap Cars. UK Car prices are no longer 25% higher than in Europe for the same marques saving C £2Bn p.a.

- No more crap UK weather. The right to buy and live and work in Spain France or wherever you fancy in Europe.
And 2m+ immigrants. And a tax bill the size of 5 Greek debts.
Personally I don't think anything will happen until UKIP get a massive showing from the voters at the next EU election.
Good luck with that.

I suggest that the brightest hope for the antis is to join UKIP and:

Sort out the 'little englander' image and awful tykes that fund and run it.
Sort out the one trick pony agenda.
Sort out the PR and the occasional dubious associations with right-wingers.
Exercise some whip system to prevent UKIP hangers-on from spouting shite.
Get some serious academics behind the logic of their policies.
Have some policies.
Viciously cull the ecosystem of idiot bloggers (Fausty, etc - that Cnut appeared here on arrse and got short shrift) who laud UKIP but make flat-earthers look like Darwin.
Exercise a general election campaign that's not based on petulance, showboating and crashing planes.
Find a leader who can conduct himself with appropriate decorum when representing the nation.

Alternatively, suck it up. UKIP is a political void. As are online petitions - but they consume the political 'energies' of those motivated enough to create them or sign them. Just by signing one you get enough of a democratic high to prevent you from smashing windows for another whole week...

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