EU referendum promised by Hague

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Perevodchik, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. Now why didn't You link to this or this

    The second from that bastion of the left, the financial Times
  2. Good.

    I cannot wait to caste a vote AGAINT the unelected bureaucrats and the appointed trough wallowers of the European Soviet Union.

    We were 'conned' by 'Traitor' Heath and it is time we put the record straight.

    Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! and bollox to the French and the Germans and their centuries old desire to rule Europe!
  3. Now why didn't You post this when the Lib Dems announced exactly the same policy?

  4. ...because we are not interested in your communist/socialist propaganda lies and crap. Crawl back under your stone, or emigrate to N Korea....
  5. The clue is in the two words in the middle of My sentence - LIB DEM

    You haven't been around long have You - don't worry, You'll get it right eventually.
  6. Because frankly mate, I couldn't care less. I'm not here to push anyone's agenda; the Tories have a long way to go before they convince me they'll make a useful gobment, but a vote on the European Soviet Union, with its 60 billion quid p.a input from Britain sounds like a good move. Particularly as the shower in charge at present promised one and then lied about the 'new' constitution.

    BTW, what did come out of the Lib Dem conference?
  7. Do You REALLY want me to go off topic in that way - I get accused of deliberately sabotaging threads by responding to posts like this
  8. No I don't. If anything important had come out, we'd probably have heard by now. Given the fact that I had to ask, there probably wasn't anything.
  9. As if I thought a promise from Hague was worth anything...
  10. Vote Lib Dem and have your tax relief taken away fromyour pension plan. I stopped there. No need to read any further.
  11. Just a wild guess here Sven, but could it be because neither of the stories you link to have anything to do with a referendum?

    A slightly less wild guess now. Perhaps because nobody was listening. The Lib Dems are increasingly irrelevant at a national level. There is no prospect of the party ever forming a government again and even if they cling to another party's coat tails in a hung parliament, they'll be given no real power.

    If Ming 'nice but dim' Campbell has to fight an election anytime soon, I reckon the Lib Dems will lose 3rd place in Parliament to the increasingly rampant SNP.

  12. Promises? Promises? Haven't we heard this before?

    Question? Anyone here trust a politician with your wallet, your wife, your sister?

    Sorry I forgot the Lib Dems, your boyfriend?
  13. Because I was referring to this:

    Now why didn't You link to this or this

    The second from that bastion of the left, the financial Times

    so p*ss off
  14. Agreed. The Lib Dems serve the useful purpose of removing the inept and intellectually average from the political flow. That's all. To add insult to injury they select a hectoring schoolmaster for leader. Can't abide them.