EU plans emergency border squads

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. Looking for a new career Warrior_poet? Could be right up your street this one.

  2. Germany already have border guards, Grenzschutzgruppe 9 (GSG9).


    Not as soft as UK Immigration but could you imagine these guys dealing with illegals!!!
  3. Is that a stable door I can hear banging in the breeze?

  4. OK, I've bitten. The reason UK Immigration is "so soft" as you put it, is because the government tell us to be. The same way the police are all "soft" and the army is all fluffy. Don't judge the people in the organisation by our glorious political masters.

    And the reason all these states are asking for a border control force is because of the Schengen agreement, ie Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Benelux and Germany have one common immigration policy, You land in Lisbon for example, and you will not see another immigration officer until you reach the Polish border. So, the political masters got rid of their immigration controls and the vast majority of their officers. However, for once the UK hasn't signed up to this, therefore we have a "soft immigration" as you so nicely say it. The Germans only have theirs becasue they bordered Poland which was not in the EU until 2004. Now, I will point out, they are thinking of getting rid of a lot of their officers as they are not needed (according to the political masters, or in the Gremans case, politcal mistress)
    And before anyone mentions it, the lost files on asylum seekers are the work of the Immigration CASEWORK Department, NOT the Immigration Service.

    Someone go and retrieve my teddy please, it is well out of my pram!
  5. Who are all part of The Immigration and Nationality Directorate!!. A good old Home Office sponsored cock up!!
  6. Huzzah!! Beer, Sandwitches and free NI numbers for all!!
  7. er not quite right the German borders (and transport) are controlled by the Bundespolizei (Federal police) or as it was previously known the Bundesgrenzschutz, the GSG9 are just one small part of this very large organisation and you definately wont find them stagging on, on the border as they are the anti-terrorist/organised crime unit within the German police.
  8. I am aware of their function and only mentioned the GSG9 in jest as they have "Border Guard" designation.
  9. OK it wasn't clear that it was a tongue in cheek comment. It is however of interest that as has been already stated the Bundespolizei are being reduced at the moment and are desperately searching for new areas of responsibility to justify their existence, hence the GSG9 moving into the field of fighting organised crime in recent years.
  10. I have a friend who works in Lunar House in Croydon. She believes half the problem with the Immigration Service is that most of the folk working for it play the system as much as those on the other side of the counter.
  11. Rumour Control has it that a good few of the staff at Lunar House and elsewhere are originally from "the other side of the counter" and have taken said jobs in order to profit from helping others 'across the counter'!!!!
  12. Shurly shome mishtake. I thought the civil service was honest and hard-working.