EU pay £900 to take our jobs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by glasshammer, Jul 27, 2013.

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  1. The sun says EU paying individuals and employers £900 to come to uk and get a job
  2. A link might be nice.
  3. I doubt it.
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  4. "Your" job? What makes it "yours"?
  5. Must be true!
  6. Yet another evil scheme from the cesspool of Brussels attempting to do down hardworking British families!

    I think they may mean this: Tackling youth unemployment: Your First EURES Job
    As there is massive youth unemployment, big differentials in skills and job creation across the EU it seems a rather sensible use of resources to me. I'm sure aspirational Irish youngsters will gratefully jump at the chance even if it means moving to some grim part of orbital London.

    Of course it favors employers and encourages youthful labor to get on their bike and move to skill poor areas where potential post are not being filled with dire effects on the local economy.

    However given the sustained high levels of immigration to the UK from the accession countries with their apparently much superior vocational training and the paucity of resources devoted to up-skilling and relocation of the despised natives does that not seem to be very much in line with the reality if not the rhetoric of current UK government policy?

    And why are their the best part of a million posts going begging in the UK? I think the swiveled eyed should do a bit of looking to their own house here.

    UK bru is the lowest in the EU after Greece and living expenses are relatively high. Is it really filled with irredeemably lazy young people happily living in squalor? Well if that's the answer the policy solution seems to have been basically to say sod em.

    If its not lack of native talent is it the intolerably low wages offered by UK employers encouraged by policies like low income tax credits?

    Have employers and successive governments failed to invest in vocational training? Is UK education overly academic and a poor fit for emerging jobs in the knowledge economy? Have resources been steadily diverted to serve the needs of the children of the upper deciles and away from encouraging aspiration in the lower ones?

    Can people simply not reach their potential places of employment? Is nearly all the work and investment focused in a couple of huge conurbations? Is the UK labor force immobile because of decades shortsighted housing policies subsidizing home ownership? Is the countries chaotic public transport shockingly poor and the most expensive in the EU?

    Could it be that the governments emphasis on rapid re-employment is squandering native talent as unemployed folk are pushed down the food chain into jobs that are both beneath their ability and revenue generating potential? You might think so looking at the UK's ailing productivity figures and falling revenues.
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  7. Are you listening to the voices again, ATG?
  8. Tsk tsk, I guess you didn't look at the thread title

  9. Thats been happening since they got independence. They must love the Brits.
  10. Even before that London was the largest Irish city. They used to loath the English but these days Irish youth have a rather favorable view of Blighty and London in particular if polls are to be believed, something like one in three have worked there. It must be partly because the UK is rather good at creating jobs that the grumbling natives won't or can't fill making it a place of opportunity for aspirational blow ins.
  11. No one's taken my job, I've still got it. I'd give some EU malingerer a tenner to do my weekend shifts though.
  12. I'm self employed.Them foreign johnnies can take my job,if it means they get my wife as well.
  13. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    So I take it I could be paid £900, to go and work on the Continent?