EU Nationals married to Ex Military and living in the UK

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I married a German lass in 1978, the love of my life, been married for 41 years this August. She dutifully followed me all around the world moving house every three years a total of seven times. While I was doing my bit for Queen and Country my wife raised two boys, who now live and work, paying taxes in the UK. She also worked in the British Forces Kindergarten and Primary School system. (BFES)

After I left the Army she worked full time in a British Primary School for 20 years teaching all subjects including the English Language, again paying all her NI contributions and Taxes. According to the website Pensions calculations she will be entitled to a full state pension based on her contributions

She is entitled to vote in Local Parliamentary Elections and European Elections but not General Elections.

She has retained her German Passport, has never applied for change of nationality, or dual nationality, or applied for a residency permit. It was assumed that as she has lived and worked in the UK longer than she lived in her own country, she wouldn't have to. Only recently with BREXIT and the UK leaving the EU, have we found out that she has until December 2020 to apply to live in the UK permanently.

To qualify or be eligible for this she has to do the following:- (all of which have to be paid for)

1. Take and pass a 'Knowledge of Life in the UK test'
2. Take and pass a ' Knowledge of English test'
3. Apply for a Residency Permit
4. Choose to change her nationality or keep her German Passport

In a nutshell if she does all of the above including administration costs, the total cost comes in at around £2,800.00.

Am I being naive in believing that she shouldnt have to do any of this, let alone pay for it? In my opinion she is more entitled to remain here in the UK than most of those who apply for residency who haven't paid any taxes or national insurance.

I am also citing the 'Windrush' families who have now, after the initial horlicks by the government, been given permission to stay in the UK without having to fill any forms in, take any tests, or pay any fees.

If anyone else is in the same situation as described above, or has any views, advice or suggestions, I would appreciate it.

See my post below which is a copy from the forum you originally posted in.

It shouldn't be an issue for her to claim permanent residency. I suspect that you have landed on "sites" that offer to the paperwork for you.
Issue came up a couple of months ago, for a german friend of mine. Married a squaddie, had kids, came back to UK and settled, and then got divorced. She followed the guidelines and info from the site below and all now sorted.
In your favour, you are still married and also your wife has paid NI etc. Should also be worth writing to HMRC for a copy of her NI contributions.

Apply for a UK residence card

Then if all else fails, write to your MP, but hopefully that won't happen

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