EU Lose Lose on Insurance and Pensions

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Border_Reiver, Mar 1, 2011.

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  1. Does this mean (theoretically) that men will face lower car insurance and women bigger pensions?
  2. The way I read it ........ NO !
  3. I get a 10% discount because my wifes on my policy.

    "“According to the ECJ, Homo Sapiens is now unique in being the only species to boast three genders: Male, female and European."
  4. Why? Surely if insurance goes up because women will be effectively subbing male drivers then male drivers shouldn't be paying so much? The reverse should be true for pensions.

    Wheres Iolis to tell us how wonderful the EU is and that the little people don't understand the ruling?
  5. Is it not about time we leave this farce or be like La Belle France take the good stuff and ignore the rest
  6. Because this EU ruling is going to be used by the insurance industry as a justification to impose massive premium increases for no extra risk on their part.

    The EU - Making Britain a more hellishly expensive place to exist every day.
  7. Different for me having Mrs CC increases my policy as I have had no accidents she has had 4 all oddly enough with other female drivers so work that one out
  8. Thats why I want to know where Iolis is, I love his excuses.
  9. I agree but that is obvious and simplistic ... but we are talking of the EU here ... I would love to be proven wrong however I remain to be convinced there will be some form of truly equal " quid pro quo " with this change .
  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Seconded. Another batty ruling by the Euro mob. Insurance premiums are based on actuary tables and stats but when did Strasbourg let the fact get in the way of a good fiddle? Anyone else see the hand of insurance industry lobbyists in this one?
  11. What are you suggesting that the vastly unelected Euro law makers who still have not had accounts audited due to no accounts firms being willing to do so, would accept "advice" etc from lobbyist companies to feather there own nests for the future?
  12. I read this to mean that the insurance companies are no longer allowed to discriminate against men (and for women) when setting premium rates. Which even with all other factors being equal they do charge blokes 10-20% more than women.
    And conversly with pensions they discrimate against women and for men when setting pension payments. They do this because traditionally (it has/is changing) women live longer than men.

    It sounds totally fair on the face of it.
  13. Next week, they will be debating the repeal of the Law of Gravity...
  14. Well, I'm alright then, as I (and probably you) are homo sapiens sapiens. As any fule kno.