EU legal threat over UK benefits

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JoeCivvie, Sep 30, 2011.

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  2. Time to quit the EU,so much for a trading partnership! But of course most of the feckless twats in UK won't even know or care this is happening and Cameron and co won't tell the EU to get stuffed. Time press for that referendum we were promised!
  3. I think the Eurosceptics are trying to build a head of steam to force public opinion anti Euro.....

    With the talk of the UK having to stump up £££Billions to prop up the single currency and now benefit tourism (costing another £2billion a year) for anyone with a heartbeat who wants to come here (from within the zone) there is only so much the UK poeple will take....

    Bring on the referendum I know where my cross will be going!!
  4. just goes to prove the things dicused in the thread is correct

    i said a few days ago there proposals would get stopped, and i wasnt just refering ot those ones, but the attempts at reducing incomes as well

    the problem is not so much that the genuine claiments will complain, but that the thieveing bastards are all lawyerd up via some campaign group or other and those groups are publicly funded.

    if the gvt actually wants to be allowed to do anything they will first need to get out of the EU completly, repeal all the laws they gave us, re-instate our prior "fairer" laws, kick out all the waster imigrants (sure let the ones providing a service stay) that came here for benefit tourism (which the then culture secretary went to eastern europe to tell them how to make the most of it, whilst the smilling lyers in No10 said it would never happen)

    undoing hte damage casued by labour is going to take decades if they dont take decissive action and thats assuming they would actually be able to correct any of it.
  5. This is just one of dozens of stupidities emanating from our membership of the 'trading organisation' the European Union.

    Why should my tax money fund the citizen of another country within the EU who knows he or she will get better 'benefits' here than in his or her own country?

    Does anyone know what the French do when foreigners appear and claim 'benefits'? What do the Danes or the Dutch do? What do the Italians and Spaniards do? I don't know but I bet we are the main 'milch cow' in this crazed organization - the European Soviet Union.

    Now, I admit going to school before Blair revolutionised education, but I thought this country was 'set up' thus:

    Head of the country = The Sovereign.
    Top of the Judicial 'Tree' = The Sovereign.
    The Sovereign rules by delegating that 'chore' to an elected Parliament aided and abetted by a House of Lords.
    The Sovereign dispenses justice through Courts formed in the Sovereign's name and administering laws enacted in the name of the Sovereign.

    What puzzles me is that some foreigner can announce on the wireless that he is to take the country to the European Court of Justice on some matter or other. How can this be? How can our Sovereign be arraigned before some 'court' outside our shores? Who has allowed this? Was it an act of venal treason by the deviant traitor Heath? Was this crime furthered by the likes of Major, Blair and Brown? Was Mrs. Thatcher at fault for not taking this nation out off the expensive, bankrupt shambles that comprises the farce known as the European Soviet Union?
  6. This story was done before.
  7. thats 2bill extra a year, and the 8bill is not including the money we will loose from the write off (the 50% reduction of actuall debt holdings ) nor is it including the further 50+ bill that will be required as part of the restructuring process, nor does it show that whilst were borrowing all this cash at a massive premium the greeks wont be paying anything back for the next 5 years and that it will be interest free to them

    so in real terms were talking about a cost to the uk of more than 200 bill over the 5 year period (just the interest) the whole system is getting more out of control and its going to implode even faster if they keep racing down the current path.

    not to sound sensationalist but unless the entire EU breaks back into individual currencies the whole place is going to be a massive civvil war area ripe for invasion through cash becoming worthless.
  8. not to be picky but how can a story released about a legal action lodged this morning have been done before ?

    i know the telegraph reported they were considering action on friday but they didnt actually lodge the action untill today
  9. Correct 'jarrod248', this 'story' occurs and gets 'done' daily as the unelected rubbish ruling us from Brussels continue their unrelenting campaign to reduce Great Britain to a mere 'district' in the European Soviet Union.
  10. great! a whole lot of other foreign spongers will be coming to our shores next! WELCOME TO SOFT TOUCH BRITAIN!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Just lock the gates,turn the Channel Tunnel into an aquarium,throw every non-british passport holder out,and sink any non-UK ferry approaching the Mainland,start trading with the former commonwealth countries,sit back and watch the mayhem! :excited:

    "Time for tea" said Zebedee! :meditate:
  12. Not much actually inspires me to board the outrage bus these days, but this has gripped even my impressively-even tempered shit.

    The EU can **** off, and when it gets there it can **** off again.

    Can anyone give me any reason why the benefits shouldn't be paid by the country of whom the claimant is actually a citizen of?
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  13. Like your metal. More importantly why can it also not be paid at the level of such benefits in said country?
  14. Let me put it this way. If I lived in Greece yesterday you can bet I would have arrived in the UK last night and be claiming benefits this morning. The only thing that is surprising is that anyone still hasn't done it!
  15. Simples, make National Insurance like any other insurance, you don't pay your premiums you get **** all payouts.
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