EU - Have we gone too far?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrShanklysboots, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. Yes Please I'm not happy.

  2. No Thanks I'm very happy indeed.

  3. Whats the EU?

  1. Simple questions really.

    Did Phony Tony keep to the "Red Lines" he said he would?

    Is the latest treaty just the Constitution in disguise?

    Is Angela Merkel a bit gozzy eyed? :wink:
  2. I seem to recall that we once had the chance to vote for joining something called the Common Market. It was soon transformed into something very different . . . wouldn't it be nice to have a vote about joining a Federal Europe? We won't get one though.
  3. We should have a referendum as getting more into the EU and taking more treaties etc. is handing control to a body not in the UK and not with the UK at the top of the pile.

    I would personally like a public vote on every bit of EU legislation that is attempted to pass into the UK. Yes i'm a Eurosceptic. :thumleft:
  4. It will never happen. You know they know whats best for us. :(
  5. A common misconception that we were given a vote to go into the common market. Ted Heath signed us up before we were given the vote and after we were ties economically to the common market we were given a vote as to whether we should stay in or suffer all the problems of leaving after we had abandoned the commonwealth.
  6. My bold. Well - I must admit so am I, but I thought I would pose the question as neutrally as I could.

    My reasons for wanting one - well I want my say. Yes I am a recovering Gobsh1te! :D

    As for Merkel - Definite hint of Dip and Dazzle about those eyes.....
  7. The European Soviet Union is a disgraced, dishonest and wholly disreputable organization providing a 'super-trough' for failed and has-been politicians.

    It is controlled and wholly governed by the whims of unelected, unaccountable and inauditable commissars (Mandelson, Kinnock, Patten etc).

    The disgusting and treacherous Bliar has, in his last days in office, more or less ended GB as a sovereign and independent nation.
  8. I hate the EU. My friend has an Economics A-Level and thinks it's good. I try and say that sovereign authority etc. is under a mjor threat by the EU, but he seems blinkered by the suggested benefits of the EU...

    Is he right, or am I right, or is it a mix?
  9. An Economics A-level, your friend has clearly been educated beyond common sense, Your right so bitch slap some sense into your mate :wink:
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    He is right from an economic perspective, and you are entitled to your opinion and interpretation of sovereignty.

    I wonder how you came to "hate" the EU? Have ever worked in an EU institution, or knew someone who did? Do you really understand how it works and what it does? Have even been in an institution and seen it firsthand?
    Or did you gain your opinion from the media which we trust and love so much?

    I am not having a dig at you personally, and I am neutral regarding the EU, but I find myself defending it against a general lack of understanding.
  11. Will do, Saladmonkey! :D

    Alsacien, you're right, I'm not overly certain about the workings of the EU, and much of my knowledge of it is gleaned from the media reports. I did do an AS-Level in Economics (translation: Doesn't stand for an awful lot!) and did look at the EU, if only briefly.

    I found it to be a most distressing "organisation" (term used loosely) and was amazed by the bureaucratic methods. You just have to look at the way they've dealt with fishing in the EU, the way subsidies work in many areas, et al, and I personally became disillusioned.

    Do you have a good experience of the EU, or a different one?
  12. If the economics A-level is anything like the IT one then it is worth a total amout of...nothing.
  13. Doesn't matter if we have a referendum. As soon as we vote no some other numpty will come along rename it and keep it going until we get that fed up and vote yes.
  14. Econimic perspective is great. Just fcuk off trying to change all our laws.
  15. Now look what you've done - everybody arguing again!


    She does look abit like a squaddie who's been up all night drinking beer and watching zoologically-themed films not of the National Geographic type.