EU Funds for McCartney family

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whiffler, May 10, 2005.

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  1. BBC Link

    It's not often I will give anything with an 'EU' tag my backing, but a pat on the back is due on this one. Had Tony denied UK funds perchance?.

    SF MEPs voted against as part of the decision/motion said that witnesses should approach PSNI "which put us outside the consensus". SF witch !!.
  2. You've lost me there. Nicholson is an Ulster Unionist MEP, not particularly 'hard-core', by any means. This episode isn't about point-scoring (or, at least I hope not), it's about getting justice done as it would be in any normal Western democratic state (for the family) and showing the republicans for the vicious gangsters that they are (for the normals in Ireland, North and South)

    Going on from there, it isn't noted in the BBC's report whether anybody took the noxious de Brun to task for her statement: "It is our belief that the Police Service of Northern Ireland could and should have acted by now - they have not carried out a thorough investigation."

    PSF have been the single most obstructive element in the investigation, from organising violence against the Police in their follow-up to the subsequent disinformation campaign against the family.

    That all said, I haven't a great deal of sympathy for any of the family (including the murdered man); they're Provisional Sinn Fein voters, and have always understood exactly where the moral basis of their chosen 'party' lies. Suddenly they want 'justice' of the constitutional sort, instead of the sort that their 'party' is used to dealing out and of the type that by their support Provisional Sinn Fein is closer than ever to being able to deliver to all of the people in Ireland. I fail to see why they should have it both ways.
  3. Victims of Terrorism fund? They were supporters of terrorism. Just pissed off when it came their way for once. But if it puts IRA/SF on the spot i guess i'll support it.
  4. just a thought - if civil legal action can indeed be taken against members of
    (P)IRA or SF...

    Does that mean that the families of all the victims over the years could launch civil damages/negligence cases against the organisations themselves (ie. they sue the IRA as an organisation, as being responsible for the decision which led to death or injury)

    seems to me that that could easily bankrupt the organisations, particuarly if the link between SF and PIRA could be established - bearing in mind that under civil law the balance of proof is of probability rather than reasonable doubt.

    any thoughts?
  5. I lack knowledge about the law of all this but if they were to win a, 'civil action', does that close the door on any criminal action?
  6. One-upmanship? This is not some intellectual exercise being conducted here for fun, this is the reality of NI politics, namely murder carried out by an organisation in power. I hardly think we can dismiss the beliefs of the DUP who do what all right thinking people should do and challenge this behaviour, as "one-upmanship".

    Incidentally have you ever met or dealt with anyone in the DUP? I hardly think Paisley was up all night worrying about this at all, as he in particular and his party in general have established themselves as the major party for many reasons but an important one is their participation in real grass roots matters, and the good reputation they have established as constituency representatives. Many people, and I include RC nationalist I know go to the DUP with their fears and concerns, as they will use whatever influence they have to help their constituents and this is a well known fact here.

    Finally the DUP is not the "hard-core" unionist party, that would be the PUP or the UDP, This is a misconception promulgated to cleanse the nationalist community of the guilt they should feel for voting for SF in such large numbers.
  7. DUP and something about Ulster Resistance in mid late 80 and a shipment of AK`s from S Africa.
  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I had the pleasure, and I mean pleasure, of helping arrest The Rev, Dr (and any other title he wants to buy) Iain Paisley in the early '70s. The only problem was that he was leading a protest march which, once it had reached the blocking platoon and started throwing bricks and anything else to hand, the self same Dr etc Paisley almost arrested himself just to get away from the rain of stones, bricks and other nice stuff. He was only interested in his own safety and did not give a toss for either the jocks in the block or even his own people.

    Once safely in the back of a vehicle a couple of hundred yards from the, now riot he had led, he was a cheery chappie who tried to strike up conversation with his 'saviours'. What a tosser, what a dangerous tosser.
  9. I have heard various reports that Rev Paisley is an excellant constituency MP and works extremely hard when problems are presented to him by constituents from all sides of the sectarian divide. The words mentioned to me by a RC constituent was that he never once mentioned the persons religious/political beliefs.
    This is obviously very much the opposite to the public face which he portrays.
  10. Getting back to the thread. It is a disgust that these people are to indeed get funding from the EU. While I do have a little sympathy for them about the loss of their brother, I have no sympathy for him. He was just another fcukwit minor gangster, trying to look good drinking in a well known PIRA watering hole just off the Markets area in Belfast.

    Infact the guy he was drinking with was mucked up in all sorts of illegal activity, thats who the murders wanted, but he got away with a cut throat and survived.

    I can only have sympathy for the deaths of the forces, police and innocent people, regardless of religion. This must be a slap in the faces of all the families of these people who have suffered over the years. For this one family to get "special treatment" is totally wrong in my eyes. Civil action they want the funding for, only one winner here the fcuking leeches (lawyers).

    As for the Ulster MEP's, all they are doing is jumping on the bandwagon to be seen to be doing something good for the "otherside" as such. We have very short memories in this country. How can the death of a fcuking Chav, in my view, attract the attention of Washington and Brussels. Makes me sick when I think of all the other pointless deaths. These people are forgotton about a week after their deaths, regardless if they were serving or civilian.
  11. Yeah good point Ducati. The guy was obviously a bit of a hood - didn't deserve to die of course - but it's hardly more heinous than the 'disappeared' like mothers of young children and the Omagh bombing.

  12. Well said.