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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by albimangles, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. so we still don't know who we elected 4 days on.

    Am I the only person who feels something fishy is going on. We deserve the right to know as soon as the results are in.

    You cant hide the results forever Brown!
  2. Results on BBC2 tonight 2200
  3. Probably at about 22:00, they don't release them earlier so as they don't affect the other results from the election being held Europe wide. It's not a conspiracy of silence.
  4. Boxes of votes hanging around for 4 days in the hands of Labour councils and your not worried we all know what happened in Birmingham a few years back.
  5. aren't some of the other countries still at the polls today?

    It's so that all countries announce their results more or less together.

    That said, I don't know why they dont just hold them on the same day across europe...
  6. that would be too much like common sense
  7. 18 countries voting today. UK results can't be released until polls close in other countries.
  8. In this country we hold elections on a Thursday, Johnny Foreigner (inexplicably) holds his on a Sunday so we just have to put up with it, he's unlikely to want to change the habits he's acquired over the last few years.
  9. Something like 375,000,000 votes to count, I understand.
  10. Nothing like that is going on. The votes are just being reviewed to see that we, errm, voted the right way. It's probably being done by Lord Mandelmort as he's still on the EU payroll as a commissioner even though he's in theory our Deputy PM.

    As I write this, Mandy's deep in the bowels (not for the first time) of some EU stronghold gripping a rubber between his teeth (again, not for the first time) as he checks the pencilled Xs on each paper.

    Vote reviews were introduced after the Irish twice voted the wrong way. Firstly on EU expansion then on the constitution. In both cases, the referenda had to be run again so the Irish could correct their previous voting error. This cost a fortune.

    Vote reviews save the cost of forcing entire countries to vote again and again until they vote the 'right' way. You know it makes sense because the money saved can be spent on schools and hospitals. I mean what do you want? Free votes or dead babies?
  11. UKIP are crying fowl with many ballot papers found to have UKIP folded over so it was not visible!
  12. Hehe, I love how they don't credit the public with the intelligence to open up a piece of paper.

    I don't know why they are worried, those who had chosen to vote for them would have outsmarted this clever origami-based trickery to find their party of choice surely.
  13. Not exactly origami, but it looked a bit suspect to me. They had folded ballot papers in half, to the point where they had neatly folded the UKIP box to the back. Why bother folding the box for UKIP to the back at all if you are just going to fold the ballot paper in half. I see no logic to them doing it.

    We will soon see with the results. Expect an investigation in those areas that did it.
  14. Here goes, then.