EU diehards 'ready to gang up' on Britain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cyberhacker, Mar 1, 2005.

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  1. See The Daily Telegraph

    I was particularly intrigued by "Britain would become increasingly irrelevant."

    I presume that means they won't insist on us paying in so much money?

    No, I thought not... we won't be *that* irrelevant :evil:
  2. Interesting, no change from the present then is it :?

    As stated earlier, couldn't really do without our money now could they :?
  3. Where did this idea of one Army and uniform originate from?

    I can't remember it ever being stated as an intention of policy.
  4. This must be the hundredth time I've heard British Europhobes panting about a "core group"/"two speed Europe"/"pioneer group"/whatever. One of those ideas that people kick around once a year, every year
  5. Hundredth ?? You can't be tuned very often into what people are saying.

    And why do the people have to be Europhobes ?. I'm not afraid of McDonalds cheese burgers, I just don't want them, nor do I want anyone forcing them down my throat. Funnily enough, nor do most Europeans.
  6. I have said it before and will say it again.

    Tony wants us in the euro constitution so that he can play with the big boys (france germany pah! :roll: ) And if we are not smart enough to see that his view on the future is the right one (by voting yes to the referendum), he will simply re-educate us until we do!

  7. Maybe because leading French and German politicians are continually getting quoted coming out with completely OTT comments about the 'Direction for Europe'.
  8. As per norm, it's ya frog thats the cause of al the current Poo in Europe.
    It just can't get it into its skull that in expanding Euroland its 'Political Power' has decreased. The days when it could sit and bayth in Germanys Glory are going going gone.
    Hence Chirac decides to give his people the chance to throw out the new constitution, knowing that they will not give up the cash cow they have raised over the decades.
    Ya frog wants a new constitution molded by them for their benifit, Krapud served his purpose and can now be dropped, a Greater Frogland is all that matters.
    Oh I suppose Tone dear Tone is still hoping to be the first president of Houroland.
  9. Have a go if you think they hard enough - 51 state
  10. Perhaps it is because it is only a handfull of "pro-European" British politicians who keep denying the ultimate aim - a single united states of Europe.

    You just have to listen to the majority of French, German, Spanish, Italian etc politicians who make this quite clear.
  11. Well said, the UK politicians continually deny this but it is the ultimate aim of the constitution, a United States of europe.....well if Tone lies/cheats/brain washes us into voting yes, then I am off
  12. I skipped ship years ago.
  13. Heath should never have bent over to "let" us join in the 1st place.
    We are not & never have been, of a similar mindset to Continental Europe.
    Should never have joined & should leave before it all goes pear shaped. :(
  14. Oh that bent barsteward, got a legal £50,000 prize from the EU for being Eurostatesman of the Year.
    Hate the T.W.A.T him and Wilson ruined UK in the seventies.
    In mid 60s I could but SIXTEEN pints of bitter for £1.