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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bowser-Mong, Jan 19, 2007.

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  1. Sorry if this has already been on but I read in the Daily Mail. It said that "The British Public could be denied a say over the European Dictatorship (Sorry Constitution). Apparently little penpushers at Bliar palace in Downing Strret said it was not necessary to hold a referendum. The German Chancellor has thrust this thing into the spotlight again as Germany is due to invade sorry take over Brussels when it gets the Euro Presidency (they're starting again?!?). Downing Street denied this (and why shouldnt we believe them apart from Iraq and every other crappy mess we are in). A spokesman added "We think the best European Constitution is a simple constitution." S o why the fcuk should we want to be part of something simple thought up by the simple for the simple and so lovingly supported by the simple you kn0brot.

    Apologies to you all as I dont have the facility to provide a direct link.
  2. What is your objection to the EU constitution?
  3. I suspect the objection is to no referendum! It certainly is mine!!
  4. But why would you want a referendum if you do not object to the constitution?
  5. is this the same Bliar Downing Street that gets arrested for dodgy bungs?
  6. A German vision for Europe sounds familiar...
  7. Is this a trick question?
  8. There is a discreet battle between the modern go-ahead business minded europe, typified by the UK and many of the new countries, and the old europe who want to build the social agenda in europe, if the constitution is about advancement and business then bring it on, I will sign us up tomorrow.

    However, the constitution could be hijacked by the french and their social model, which will slow business and perpetuate dinosaurs like the CAP. However the real danger is nation states using the refurendum as a vote of protest against their government or the EU, rather than as the opportunity to make europe the economic powerhouse of the world (dont laugh...), by applying the anglo-saxon model across 600m people.

    IF there is a refurendum, we need to make sure the frogs dont hijack it, so we can make sure the anglo-saxon business model prevails, if the french get their way, and the social agenda is built into the eu by constitution then we should get out, and stay out.

  9. Given that one of the people responsible for drawing it up has been quoted as saying that there are limits to personal expression (freedom of thought and speech) then until I see it and get the chance to check every word- LOTS
  10. Behind on the curve on this one boom shacker,
    It was Jerry who was against these wars we are involved in.
    On this occasion it was us what wore the silly little moustaches and silly walked right into the shit storm.

    These days when my German friends come round I keep hearing them mumble behind my back,
    'Whatever you do don't mention the war.'

    And when I ask the frogs I know whether they would like my help to win wars they keep losing, my oh so witty words are drowned out by roars of Gallic laughter.

    So if the Europeans want to take us over all I can say is,
    "Bring 'em on, Bring 'em on."
  11. The fact that in a democracy I can't have a vote. I have (sob story) served my country for 9 years and so I believe that I am entitled to have a say as to whether I want the Euro as my currency or the pound which I prefer.
  12. Well, it available online here -->

    It is a long read, so set aside several hours!

    As far as I understand it, the Constitution is largely about amalgating the various existing EU instruments setting out how the EU operates into one document - an positive step forward surely?
  13. I believe the constitution says nothing about the pound or the euro. Further, you cannot run a country by referendum. You very recently had a vote in the last general elections so how can you say that you do not have a vote?

    I think the reason ppl want a vote here is so that they can express an opinion on the EU in general. But surely the blame for the UK being in the EU lies in the Government of 1973?
  14. No it isn't. IMO, this is about the EU in general rather than about the merits of the constitution.
  15. Well lets just think about what the EU means to your average, common all garden UK citizen. It means Increased immegration, it means scraping the Pound, it means more of "Brussels telling us what to do!". Now, until that perception is changed, and some positive arguments are put to the Sun and Mail readers, there isnt going to be a lot of support for an EU constitution