EU Benefits for Foreign Workers

Right, I sais Raaaight!! I pushed me best spec's up me nose and put on my brightest anorak for this :D

Does anyone know of a family living in Germany who sucessfully managed to claim German Welfare benefits without:

Resorting to marrying a box
selling their unborn son into military service at 18

Or do those fabled benefits belong in La La land? :D :?
Well I've lived here in sunny boxhead land since 91 and when I left full time service the score was you had to work (I think) 3 years on the German system before qualifying for all benefits (which I took full advantage of including 2 year college course paid for by the state). However basic benefits are available for all residents, but they are pretty basic.
Ah, but don't forget that all 'Bill Oddie' families over here with kids can claim a top up from the local German 'Stadt', to bring the child benifit paid by the UK up to the (much higher) level of the German 'Kindergeld'.

How our 'Korner Kranium Kabbage smelling' hosts aggreed to that one I'll never understand!?! :?
There are no such things as "EU benefits". Social security is a national responsibility. The Germans' position on enlargement is basically not letting anyone in for as long as they can help it, which has had the result that Berlin is overflowing with illegal immigrants from Poland.
yep but they can also walk into any A&E department in the UK and be treated and it will be very rare that their E1-11 will be checked.

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