EU bank stress testing.If it does;nt work,do it again!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Dec 7, 2010.

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  1. After the failure of the last tests,which gave Irish banks the all clear(!),the EU has decided to repeat the exercise:

    BBC News - EU to start new bank stress tests in February

    It reminds me a bit of the EU attitude to national Treaty referendums.''If the right result is not produced,repeat the exercise until it is!!''
  2. I heard that the EU Mandarins will soon be instigating a new law that will involve having a certain word removed from every member states national language and dictionary - Democracy..! :plotting:
  3. And when I saw the title of your thread that was exactly my thought - test/ballot until you get the result you want.

    No doubt the new "more rigorous and even more comprehensive" stress-testing will conclude that the last ones were flawed but the new ones are frikkin' bullet-proof (as long as they produce the results that suit us).
  4. The terms 'EU' and 'democracy' in the same post are by definition oxymoronic.

    What I simply cannot understand is that all the British politicians I have heard over many years have worshipped at the alter of DEMOCRACY. (Some Marxist leaning numb-nuts excepted).

    Now, when the nation is being subjected to the wholesale DESTRUCTION of its DEMOCRACY, our current politicians of all parties, are struck dumb and agree with every fiendish trick of the Eurines to destroy our national state. They have nearly won - a year or two more.
  5. Like any system...... shite in ....... shite out!
  6. Our politicians are scared that they might not be allowed to scam quite so much out of the UK expenses system in future.
    They want to stay in the EU because it offers bigger and better pickings if they can become MEPs or arrange some other kind of cushy Euro Non-job.
  7. Deja vu

    Bail out one bank, bail out another, bail them all out

    Pay one lot of bonuses, pay another, pay them all

    Print money once, prince money again, keep on printing

    Have accounts rejected once, rejected twice.......14 times

    Slash others spending, slash again, and again

    Rise own costs and allowance, rise again and again

    Bail out one failing country, bail out another, bail them all out - but what with?
  8. Welcome to the new Zimbabwe massa
  9. Sung to the tune... "There's a hole in by bucket, Dear Liza, Dear Liza....!"

    One, two, three.... alles suzamen....Ding, Dong!!

    "There's a hole in thee booket, Dear Komrade Van Rupumpoy...
    There's a hole in thee booket, Dear Komrade... a gurt big hole....!"

    A refrain sung by Komrade Van Rumpledikskins.... in a high falsetto voce.... joined in by Baroness Whats-her-name-thingymajig...

    "Mit Der monaie, Cher Komrades, Cherr Komrades...
    Mit der Taxes et Monai, Cher Amis, Cher Amis..... Oh, Merde, J'ai connai J'ai avez non Amis.......!"

    "Keep the printing presses rolling... !" Declares Komrade Rumpledfourskins.....
  10. To deal with your points in turn:
    A)The terms EU and democracy are indeed oxymoronic-after all,where better to run the globalists' pilot scheme for the construction of the 5 building blocks which is intended to form the foundation of a Global administration/Governement than the one so completely ravaged by war?That's right,the globalists saw WW2 as their big chance to achieve by a combination of corporate/economic means and of course great secrecy to commence the 'Grand Plan' towards their ultimate goal,that which had failed by military ones.The other 4 great 'Unions' are:the African Union(already a term used widely in the world's media),the North American Union(USA,Canada,and Mexico),the South American Union(by whatever innocuous-sounding abreviation they want to call it),and the Asian-Pacific Union for the rest.Present nation states will,in effect or in fact,gradually disappear under the geographical umbrella of the local Union,likewise national status,and national Armed Forces,each former nation being allowed to retain an armed 'gendarmerie' for internal security purposes.It is,hopefully,a long way to go before such a global government would be achievable;after all,this whole process has to be undertaken amid great secrecy and stealth which of course takes a lot of time.One would,of course,witness a great deal of jockeying for position among the 'Superpowers' in the final run-up to such an apparatus-whatever format that process would take.
    B)All the parties have indeed claimed to be democratic,but whichever one is in office,the relentless surrender of national sovereignty continues apace(look what happened to the one PM who disliked the idea of giving away more power to the EU,for instance-unceremoniously sent packing by the globalists).
    Hope this helps.
  11. Skynet.....!

    Once we're all reliant upon the internet for all of our daily admin, that’s when the Virus will strike…
    Kind of puts some legs on the previous government desire for every household to have a computer……!