EU Army - would you Serve

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by B00MER, Jan 9, 2010.

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  1. NO

  2. YES

  3. Only if the regiment was still regarded as a UK Force

  1. As Blair and Brown have seen fit to sell this country down the swanny....
    Would you (or would you have if old and crusty) have served for the EU forces?
  2. I served in AMF(L) which is the next best thing.
  3. Well, yes.... If I could have my rank of Corporal back... and backpay for the last 32 years.... and a nice cushy billet in the RQMS's Stores..... making tea, coffee, toast... and rading Page 3 Supplments.. Yup!!

    Thats if they dont mind 64 year old, overweight, all-farting and Pickled Onion eating sodjier..... :oops: :?
  4. I vote it should be 'compulsary' for A/S & Immigrants as a semi-national service,

    But then Brussels would F**K that up as well I imagine.
  5. Perhaps we could have 'Chavs' battalions, a bit like the old 'Pals' Battalions?

    The 2nd Battalion the British EU Volunteers (the Yorkshire Chavs). As long as they were stationed somewhere remote I can't see a downside!
  6. Trite maybe....but, only if HM Elizabeth II agrees and orders me to do so. I would find it difficult if not impossible to follow orders given by an unelected 'political entity'
  7. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Do you want to re-assess that statement for logical consistency :lol:
  8. Point taken. Ah but hang on a minute how about a nice comfy posting to Portugal for 6 months instead of (what used to be the norm) 6 months of a cold dark succession of nights on Belfast streets?
  9. Personally, I'd rather serve as part of an EU volunteer regiment then as part of a British regiment that included large numbers of chav conscripts. I have a feeling that the latter would go all 'Russian Army'.
  10. laughed so hard, just shite myself :D
  11. What are the hours like?
  12. Postings would be interesting-
    Attached to French forces and have red wine served with your boeuf bourgignon. Learn new drill, like throwing weapons to the floor and raising white flags.
    Attached to Spanish forces and learn how to get sweaty patches under your arms, grow a moustache that comes below the chin. Go on tour with the Armada Real in their glass-bottom boats so you can have a good look at their previous Armada Real. Plus have a 4 hour siesta every day.
    Attached to German forces. Learn how to drive a little tank, bratty and pomme frites for lunch with senf and march around defensive lines rather than go through them.
    Attached to Italian forces and check if their tanks really do have 8 reverse gears and one forward. Wear a chicken on your head and totally ignore all traffic lights and road signs. Pasta might get a bit boring for breakfast, lunch and dinner but could look forward to mess dinners when the Pizza Grande is served up on a silver platter.
    Attached to any Benelux force and grow your hair past your shoulders. Learn how to talk from the back of the throat whilst gobbing over senior officers.
    And, of course, get your own back on the Eastern european countries by taking your missus with you and getting her a job in one of their supermarkets.
    Plus, join in the NATO rally (or will it be called the EU Rally?) when bogging off home for the long weekend (hang on, you can be posted to 14 Sigs and do that).
  13. dont forget th eitalians get extra allowances for bribing their way out of nasty areas like afghanistan.......
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    1st Regiment of Foot (Chav Coy) uniform,on guard duty outside DSS HQ.
    (Col in Chief Lt Col Golden M)
  15. Family celebrating the passing out parade and first commendation to their litte Dwayne, 1st Regiment of Foot (Chav Coy)