EU allows pints and miles to stay on in metric world

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by singha61, Dec 17, 2008.

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  1. When will we learn that we are an anachronism living off the coast of Eurpoe and either get involved totally, or pull out totally. The Europens must be pi**ing themselves laughing that the Island Apes have once again shown how unfit they are to be part of Europe. ' Wont play my way, then Im taking my ball and going home'. Give me strength!!
  2. 120 kph you div - and the speed is in kilometres in Ireland and has been since 20 January 2005! And do you think that the Irish give a feck what size their glass of beer comes in? The Off Trade is bigger than the pub trade in Ireland and all cans & bottles are metric. In shops all portions are bought and sold in kilos. Research man - it helps prevent brain farts! 8)
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    This is about 3 months old as I was administering the wifes web shop and realised we were selling in imperial weights yet no one complained. I checked and the EU backed down in September.
    Can we have £ S d back now please, I want a tanners worth of chips please!
  4. I'm sure that the change will come gradually. It's a cost thing. All the pre-packaged stuff tends to be metric and they will almost certainly offer us the option of buying in litres, drinking out of 500ml glasses marked with both in due course. It will come eventually because sticking to the imperial measures will just seem silly in the face of the more accepted metric system. Hectares doesn't affect the sensibilities of the man in the street so that will be an easy change, I'm pretty sure our farmers use 'em now anyway.

    Changing from Miles to Kilometres is going to be a whole lot trickier though. Could be fun.
  5. Meanwhile I still do not see why a bunch of foreigners in the EU should be interested in what measure we drink our beer in.

    It is nothing to do with them. The only possible reason is that they are determined to force everyone to comply with all their diktats.

    I do not care what measure they sell beer in in Holland. I order a glass of beer, and it comes. That has no impact on the measure in UK or anywhere else. If a pint is too much for some people they can ask for a half pint, just like I in Holland can ask for a small beer or a large beer.

    If anyone thinks we should be greatful for being "allowed" to order a pint of beer rather than any other sort of measure then they are sadly deluded. I am not greatful, because I never considered their concerns were of any relevence to us.

    Baically they and their ilk can go f*ck themselves.

    Yes I am having a rant - but there are those on here who would surrender our country to the EU lock stock and barrel and willingly prevent us from ordering a pint. I presume out of spite, for our beer drinking habits make no difference anywhere else in their EU.
  6. Oddly, the fact that we buy / sell beer in imperial measure, is quite important to the tourist industry.

    The number of times I have heard, German, Dutch and to a lesser extent French tourists asking for a "pint" of beer .............. in doing so, they are rarely interested in the content, but are chuffed to be able to go home and say they had a PINT.

    The Japs, being less of a drinker, do exactly the same thing but with a "half".

    I think it is another "knock on", "untapped" (pun) subject for discussion !!!
  7. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Some means of measurement are simply more natural, the imperial system is based on easy to visualise measure, a foot for example. I am a child of the metric system but I drive in miles, drink in pints but measure volume of other things in litres, measure smaller distances in metres and tell my wife by c0ck is measured in inches not millimetres!

    A standard means of measure is important for science and design which is where interoperability is crucial so metric it is all the way.

    We also use the ISO metric paper system because it is logical, unless the US which clings to imperial paper measures like Letter that are completely illogical.

    Pick the best system for the job hand, don't know what all the fuss is about
  8. I agree Meridan, but I do not see how us drinking beer in pints is of any concern to the EU.

    Can anyone tell me how drinking pints of beer in the UK is damaging to the EU?

    Can anyone tell me why we should even have to bother with the EU's view on such matters?
  9. Why do I feel like I'm the only brit who isn't allergic to change.

    The metric system is far better than imperial, but we cant change to it because we will be losing our identity. BULLSHIT!

    Leave our sterling alone!
    What so that we can keep the rip off chav currency traders driving their BMW's

    I'd love to be able to travel in Europe and not have to fork out for money exchange all the time.

    Imperialism, schmerialism.

    Great Britain Get a grip and get with it.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If you want to be paid in euros then go live there. I for one despise the scum in brussels draining our money for what was supposed to be a common trading market not another level of unelected government which isnt accountable!
  11. Frankly, if you want to pay for stuff in Euro's then feck off and live over on the far side of the channel. I'm all for europe in terms of fair trade, but why the feck should someone from Brussels tell us what to do with the rest of our lives????? This country has gone done the sh1tter since the rest of Europe poked their noses in our business!
  12. I am not allergic to change, I just do not see why we have to change our measurements of beer if we do not want to just because some foreigner in the EU thinks we should, and then when they finally get the idea that we will not change they somehow claim that they are "allowing" us to drink in pints and that we should somehow be greatful to them.

    I think stuff like this is great - keep on it EU lovers, keep giving the UK reasons to hate you.

    Who needs anti-EU propaganda when they supply it themselves.
  13. You seem to think that we should all join the Euro so that you don't have to go through the ordeal of exchanging your pounds every time you go to Europe. There is of course also the issue of the nation having to surrender its financial sovereignity to an unelected and barely accountable organisation with no popular mandate. However as long as your holiday arrangements aren't disrupted...
  14. I didn't notice the Europeans complaining about our .303 in rifles and brens, artilllery which measured shells on pounds and all mounted in very imperial RHD tanks and vehicles when we liberated the B8stards last century.

    We Brits might be an anachronism but we have already out-lasted most countries, regimes and dictatorships in Europe despite our funny old ways.

    I'm off to the pub and if I want a pint- I'll have one, might even stretch to a yard of ale - if I fancy it on Saturday.