Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by betpool, May 5, 2008.

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  1. Anyone know what I could expect to be doing as an education&training officer? Does the degree have to be in anything particular? I know it is an all officer branch of the army so what are promotion prospects like? Thanks
  2. Nice bunch of people.
  3. Are you feeling ok biccies? are you aware that you actually printed something nice or has the medication kicked in!! :wink:
  4. Biccies, have you been smoking something you shouldn't? :lol:
  5. It gets habit forming-in 22 years I have only had 1 year when I wasn't studying for something either trade related or in my own time and usually both. Net result is BSc (Hons), PGCE, Adult Literacy teaching qual, 2 language diplomas and I start an MA in September. All either provided by, funded by or supported by the Army. They even pay your milage and your week long summer school for OU doesn't come off your leave.

    I have studied on ops, in the back of landrovers/432's and in some real sh1teholes. Always worth it.
  6. Are you really one of these Highways Agency people?

    I see that they are gradually eeking their way into being the PCSOs of the highways. I seen one of their Disco's the other day with 'Traffic Enforcement Officer' emblazoned across its arrse.

    Powers of arrest and on the spot fining soon lads? Lordy, when will the nightmare end?
  7. 'traffic enforcement officer' vehicles are VOSA inspectors who can in theory pull anyone although they generally stick to LGV/PCV

    that siad the latest edition of the HC specifically makes reference to the fact they can pull you and that HATOs can stop and direct traffic

    ... easy to confuse as both HATOand VOSA have black and yellow battenburg markings ...
  8. For my sins, yes I am, as MPH as already stated, the enforcement role is carried out by VOSA. We have no enforcement capability whatsoever. We both have yellow/black battenburg as per lighting regs as we are the same govt dept just different branches. We have power to stop and direct traffic but only for traffic management purposes. We are not going to be rushing round pouncing on wrongdoers!! However if I see a LGV losing his load, I'll indicate for him to pull over and get him to secure it. No ticket, it just prevents other road users from crashing into it if it falls off the back. There are no intentions for us to issue tickets now or for the foreseeable future :wink:
  9. ...and crewed by knobs in yellow and orange coats!
  10. So they're superior to you then?
  11. No, just different powers, they haven't got the powers to direct traffic and close lanes whereas we haven't got the powers to ruin a wagon drivers day :wink:
  12. I take it the medication has worn off!!! :roll: