Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Little_Me, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. I am new to arrse so please bear with me!

    I have been looking at the different career options available in the army and I am interested in ETS Officer. The RAF offer a similar job as a Training Officer, however this appears to have more of an emphasis on training rather than educating. I'm considering both roles, what are the advantages/disadvantages of the jobs?

    Any advice appreciated.
  2. Check your PMs
  3. Hello all,

    I too, am new to ARRSE. Just a few quick questions if I may, I am a politics graduate with an MA in Political Science.

    My main areas of interest in relation to security studies are Clausewitzian theory, 4GW, LIC and COIN. While I have kept up my reading of such topics (finally finished On War in its entirety yesterday!) and more broadly history, international relations and current affairs, I am dyslexic (although this applies more to mathematics than grammar or spelling) and was wondering what bearing this may have when looking at a career as an ETS officer?

    Any replies gratefully received.
  4. Wouldn't you be better off in the Int Corps?
  5. I have looked into Int. but I believe I would be better suited to the ETS rather than Int. for a variety of reasons. Not least that I have had, albeit very limited, experience of teaching (adults) and enjoyed it.
  6. I do hope you enjoy a challenge:

    Of the 12,000 recruits who join the Army each year, 8 –9% have Entry Level 2 Skills, which means they have only the literacy and numeracy of an average 8 year-old. Up to half of the British Army’s recruits enter training with literacy or numeracy skills at levels at or below those expected of a primary school leaver.

    The Army’s current target is for all personnel to reach at least Level 1 literacy and numeracy standards (equivalent to GCSE grades D to G) within three years of joining. In addition, all soldiers seeking promotion to corporal need to have a Level 1 literacy qualification as part of the minimum requirement. Since the joint Army and Basic Skills Agency initiative was introduced, learner enrolment on basic skills programmes has risen year after year. Achievement rates (87-97%) in literacy & numeracy over the 2003 - 2006 period have been impressive and well above the norms for further education with almost 12,300 Level 1 and Level 2 awards being achieved.

    Controversially, a report published by the Adult Learning Inspectorate states that the Army has woefully fallen below the targets it has set.

    Face it GCSE grades D to G is just about Educationally Sub Normal and they want this to be the level required for a Corporal?

    Remainder of article
  7. Little Me and Flash-1,

    RAF Trg Managers do admin/advice. On TELIC 8 they had one guy who was mostly involved in other things not training& Edn related. The ETS had a three man Education Centre, three others attached to units at the sharp end and another five or so doing Media, Info Ops, CIMIC either at Bde or Div level in the south, or as part of the multi-national HQ in Baghdad.

    If you like white socks and a trade-unionist attitude join the RAF.

    First two tours likely to be be in an Education Centre teaching management and Defence Studies (eg modern politico-military history); and in a junior unit where the focus is on leadership and basic skills with brighter recruits.

    During first tour you will also complete your PGCE (FE).

    Other options, from 2nd tour onwards include languages - no track record required, just proof of aptitude (which you will be tested for). Could also go for training support.

    As it goes on, as a Snr Capt/Jnr Maj, you can then specialise - Masters Degrees in Training/Education or in Mil History/Intl Diplomacy.

    Get in touch with AGC ETS recruiting team through the Army's recruiting website to get the full gen.

    You've got to be proper clever though.
  8. Cheers for that BoyBlue. I guess it is now up to me to prove that I am, "proper clever", to the right people. :biggrin: