I'm considering a career as an army officer and I was thinking about trying for the ETS. I was hoping that someone might be able to give me a little bit of information about what it is like working in that area. I also notice that ETS officers have operational roles in psyops, civil/military liaison etc. How much of there time could an ETS officer expect to spend in these roles, rather than in education? I'm sure your all bored to tears with questions like this so feel free to tell me to **** off but I would be very grateful for any answers you could give.


The best thing you can do is find out where your local Army Education Centre is, ask if you can pop in for a chat and make your way down there. Very accommodating people the ETS. I've always found them to be extremely helpful and down to earth. They aren't what you expect them to be, they've very much got their feet on the floor and I can't say enough good about them. I personally have much to thank them for. Good luck with your career choice, I think you're making the right decision. There are one or two on the site, but they've been keeping a low profile of late, so I assume they must be deployed.

If you check out the Army website, you'll find contact numbers there.
I think I might just do that. Thanks.

By the way I wouldn't call it a decision, not yet anyway. I'm really just having a poke about to see if I think it will suit me.


Have a trawl through these pages-there have been a couple of similar queries recently-

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