Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Monserrat, May 13, 2005.

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  1. I have often wondered about the AGC ETS - Anybody in it?

    What colour is the ETS beret and what Capbadge do they use ETS one or AGC one?
  2. It's you again! You have wondered about the AGC ETS. Well, their beret is green and being AGC they have.....yes, an AGC one.

    Now, back to reality. I would have thought, no hoped, you 'wondered' about AGC ETS in a deeper sense. If, when I were young, I went into the ACIO and asked the colour beret for my potential career and what my cap badge would look like...well, I wouldn't be here today.
  3. My daughter wanted to join the RLC but I have tried to directed her to the AGC, and as for your sarcasm, the RMP are in the AGC but they keep their original E II R cap badge and red beret. So I was asking, what colour is the ETS beret, and what cap badge do they use, their original one of the AGC one.

    I have seen AGC with black, green, red and blue berets.

    My question therefore, is what is the ETS Insignia.
  4. The beret is green and the cap badge is of the AGC, however ETS officers can and do get attached to other corps and arms; hence different colour berets. If your daughter is thinking of ETS, she will need an honours degree to even get a look-in.

    Job Description:
    This is a job for an individual who wants to combine two careers in one; that of Army officer with being an Education & Training officer. The ETS Branch is a uniformed branch of the Adjutant General's Corps and employs only officers (who must be graduates) as Education Officers and Training & Development Advisors throughout the Army. Every ETS Officer completes the same military training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as their counterparts in other Arms and Services. Thereafter, Branch training develops the professional educational skills required before young officers go to their first posting. This will be either to an Army Education Centre to educate soldiers in preparation for their promotion or to one of the Army's Foundation Colleges to educate and work as troop commanders with junior soldiers. ETS Officers fulfil a number of operational roles where their training and understanding of communication are used to full advantage. Roles include working with the media, psychological operations, civil military liaison, interpreting (for linguists) or working as peripatetic education officers in order that soldiers may continue their education whilst deployed.

    Education Standard:
    A degree in any discipline, Teaching qualifications and experience are preferred but are not essential.

    Personal Qualities:
    You should have a keen interest in education, a good intellect and broad extra-mural interests, as well as the leadership qualities and physical robustness to take on the role of a military officer. We look for good interpersonal skills, the ability to communicate and good administrative skills.

    After one year of leadership, Army organisation and military skills training at RMAS, you will undergo specialist branch training. This will include curriculum and educational skills training as well as basic management training. During your first two years you will qualify with a PGCE(FE) sponsored by a university. Those who choose to make the Army a career will have the opportunity for sponsorship to study at Masters degree level in a relevant specialist subject.

    Anymore info pm me.
  5. Ah right, sounds great, anymore got any advice?
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    To answer the thread originator's question, the only vestige of RAEC that remains is the RAEC badge worn on the lapels of Service Dress and the collar of Mess Dress.
  9. This might be me being a bit daft, but I thought ETS officers did the PQO course along with Nurses, Lawyers, Vicars etc.

    I will now look at ETS officers in a new light.
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