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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by notsogreen, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know if the entry requiremnets for ETS are differnet for LE officers or do they have to meet the same criteria as DE officers?

    Also do they take into account other quals, such as Cert ED, CTTLLS etc etc

  2. For LE Commission with ETS you must have an honours degree that would enable you to attend the PGCE at Southampton. I don't believe they would accept CTTLLS in place but if you have a degree then a Cert Ed can't hurt your chances.

    ECDL, language skills and general IT Quals all seem to be looked on favourably as well. Though the LE CAB seems to cut down the majority of applicants.

    Good luck.
  3. Any tips on how the LE CAB sift?
  4. They sit down having first dropped their trousers....oh sift...sorry. I am told it is not dissimilar to a promotions board, but the numbers seem to vary from year to year, some years there will be lots taken through to the 3 day event, others only the ones they want to have a really have a close look at. Not awfully helpful really. Best of luck if you are in the pot.

    Oh and check your PMs

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  5. Ignoring the ETS specific requirements, they have your CR/SJAR book with all of your reports in it, also the LE paperwork which includes the reports by your head of arm and your 1 star interview and they ensure that all is favourable. If so you get past the sift stage.

    If, however, you are SPS, they check you are still breathing, if so you are through!!
  6. Kiss my ricker, fella.

  7. Careful with offers like that, some people will do anything for success!
  8. They let me through...
  9. On a similar vein, are there any specific requirements for DE transferees into the ETS. I'm giving it some serious thought. A few of my buddies in the ETS say recruitment is very healthy at the moment so it might be quite difficult. Any endorsements/denials of this? Any good/bad advice?
  10. LECB last year was a nightmare if the figures are to believed. They took very few.
  11. Check your PMs