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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Has anybody attended the above mentioned course, as a MSc student currently reading Organisational Psychology in a Business environment, I noticed a lot of the British Psychological Society (BPS) members, also had this qualification.

Whats more, having attended the REME Arms School last year; Interviewing and Counselling Course, one of the instructors was a NLP practitioner.

The snag is its £1200 for a 7-day course, is this a path to the holy grail of becoming a business coach? Or a lot of psycho-babble claptrap.

Below is a link; one of their practitioners was Army for 12 years, however it does'nt go into any detail.
QManWpns said:
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
The snag is its £1200 for a 7-day course, is this a path to the holy grail of becoming a business coach? Or a lot of psycho-babble claptrap.
I smell a strong whiff, but you will have to make up your own mind as to whether £1200 for a seven day course is value for money. There is a useful review at the skeptics dictionary:

I suspect that the reason that so many British Psychological Society (BPS) members have the qualification is due to a self perpetuating desire to appear fully qualified - the same reason so many companies feel that IIP accreditation is de-riguer, despite its very poor record of meaningful corporate improvement.

Sorry to ask an off-thread question but as this is the only ETS thread I could find I thought I'd try my luck.

Anyway, do the ETS employ civilian teachers in any aspect of the teaching of soldiers?

Thanks for any response.
Not as far as I know, some of the specialist courses will employ civil service lecturers and short courses ran at Cambridge for example will put on guest lecturers, but not civilian teachers. I dont believe it would work, that is why all ETS Officers attend the Standard Commissioning Course at Sandhurst and then onto Branch training. As you could find yourself on operations teaching basic skills or CLM elements.

I think the MOD employ basic skills tutors and Education centres, but not civilian teachers per see..

I think you need to emphasise with your charges and if you dont wear the green skin that may prove difficult.

You may need to quantify and expand your post so I could answer from that perspective. Are you looking to come into the ETS or want the challenge of working with professional soldiers.

I may be wrong, any Educators out there care to eleborate. :D
Thanks for the response.

I'm not looking to join the ETS, although as I've just qualified as a teacher I am interested in doing some teaching within the MOD infrastructure.


If you have an ESOL qualification and are N Yorks based, then civilian teachers are employed on a part time basis by the Gurkha Language Wing at ITC Catterick. I believe the same is true for English Language Wing at Beaconsfield (just off the M40). Other than that you would have to go through the other MoD routes.

I'm not sure how the Forces schools recruit, but they might be worth investigating. There are some still left in Germany and Cyprus.
Thanks Teech.

I have a PGCE qualification. How does that stand against the ESOL?
I'd be interested in working in either Germany or Cyprus, where would be a good place to look for work in Forces schools?


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