ETS officer - After Sandhurst????


I was wondering if there were any serving officers in the ETS that could assist with this.

I have a familiarisation visit booked for two months time, however I wanted to see if I could get some answers to a few questions.

I basically wanted to know what happens after Sandhurst.
Where are you based?
Are you assigned to a regiment?
If so, do you get any preference in choosing one to join?
Do you get moved around a lot?

I know I could wait for my fam visit, but just wanted to see if anyone could help on here.


Don't know too much about life immediately after RMAS (other than the obvious Army Education Centre postings) but HQ LF is positively groaning with ETS Majors involved with general staffwork.
I have been tracked down! Rather than reply by PM, I'll put it in here so others with the same question can have a look.

Your questions are quite typical of most Potential Officers, so the first thing to say is you should expect a similar amount of movement as other Officers in Corps. Postings are normally about 18 months - 2 years and most of the time you'll move from location to location. It's not always like that, but it is typical.

ETS Officers on their first tour usually go to an Army Education Centre (which I think they've now renamed Army Learning Centres. The ETS loves renaming shit for some reason...), from which you will work as a Infantry Unit Education Officer (or Learning Development Officer. Different name, same thing) and you'll almost certainly deploy to Afghanistan with that unit. Your main functions are languages, functional skills education, training support and cultural training support (though a lot of this is now done on Ops by a dedicated Cultural Advisor). You might end up doing some Influence Operations which is interesting stuff.

I did Herrick with a Rifles Regiment. The CO gave me a number of tasks around influence and media, after which I was free to do what educating I could get done whenever I could. From other ETS Officers, that appears to be a similar story.

As for after, there are a number of eductation and training posts all over the Army. I wonder worry too much about Major and upwards; by the time you're in it'll have chnaged AGAIN.

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