ETS - MSc Educational Practice

Someone kindly pointed out the latest wheeze from HQ. (ETS Briefing note) You'll now have to complete some module and/or have an "approved" Masters to be considered for a REG C.

Now excuse for me being naive, but surely the whole point of Commissioning Policy etc is that policy is uniform across the army and that an impartial Board allocates REG Cs etc........I do not believe it should be on the strength of today's in flavour Post grad qualification. While I welcome the professional aspects of postgrad qualification in the ETS, it disturbs me that you have to now jump through an extra micro-managing layer (or is it a face fitting exercise?). Recent trends have been bad enough without them now doctoring the career process in favour of clones.
Simple a small and unnecessary branch of the Army about to fight for survival. Only USP is the unique skills of its staff, who in all honesty could be replaced by 25 WOs and a slack hansd full of civvies, best of luck chaps.

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