Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by avon_man, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. Educators

    After what can only be described as the worst performance from an MCM Div in years, is there any light on the horizon?

    Is there an APC chain we can complain to.......can anyone explain why things are so bad (and dont blame the guy who went sick)
  2. Check PMs
  3. Sweet Jesus man, is this really the place for such a comment?

    Bitter? Twisted? You know the saying, "If you can't take a joke..."
  4. What r u on about!!!!!!!
  5. Interestingly enough our man in Glasgow did not "blue" ha! justice at least.
  6. I think that's a bit harsh. I think the SO1 there is doing a stirling job under difficult circumstances and the SO2 has done really well considering the challenge she faced.

    And yes, I am speaking from very recent experience. So, actually, I don't think that is justice.
  7. What is the fascination in doing your dirty washing in public? Esprit de Corps - team spirit - values and standards?? Any of those ring a bell?
  8. If people were getting the recognition they deserved then there would be no need to hang out dirty washing would there!!!!
  9. These officers may deserve criticism, but I don't think ARRSE is the place to take a swipe. If you ain't getting the service you think you deserve, put pen to paper and your money where your mouth is! In the meantime, I will just have a gander to get the names of the people you are whining about.
  10. Things may have improved at MCM but dirty laundry or not, its not what the "great" and "good" at Andover are not getting a grip on.
    Another gripe is how long have we got the current Director least the Egyptians could shift Mubarak out of office.
  11. Having seen a disappointing lack of other ETS comment it now appears the Branch is spineless....doesnt anyone feel unhappy about the direction of the ETS?

    Oh and MCM are the usual shower again....
  12. I have to say that the service that Glazgee have been providing me in terms of advice and help has been nothing other than excellent over the last few months.
  13. Spineless would be not speaking out in open forum when the current Director speaks to the assembled masses at a dinner night or other such function. Or writing to him, or his new COS. Have you done any of these or are you "spineless" and just prepared to bleat in a public forum?

    Tranche 2 is coming - you know what to do. If you've got so much 'spine' (or hot air as I like to call it) go for the voluntary redundancy. I'm sure someone of your huge intellect and 'spine' will have no problem getting a job.
  14. avon-man: guess you didn't get the job you thought you should have been given then...