ETS management consultancy services

Discussion in 'Officers' started by adastra, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. It aint broke, don't fix it. They have a strong grasp of the principles of contemporary warfig

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  2. They have some way to go, need to demonstrate a closer grasp of their "customers", but thi

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  3. I understand their purpose but they have lost their way. They are civvies in uniform, There needs t

  4. They turn up in suits, actually they are civvies in civvies. Get rid and claim the LSNs back for the

  5. I don't know who you are talking about and don't believe such people exist, they are a fig

  1. As an impartial observer on the sidelines, I am curious to know what people think here:

  2. ETS? Management Consultancy?

    Is this the ETS which is part of the AGC?

    The old RAEC?

    Wanting to compete with PWC, PA, McKinsey?

    I'm speechless. Unless it's some sort of in-house consultancy service for the chain of command, in which case, I expect we can look forward to seeing some extremely dusty responses from commanders to what will probably look like schoolie consultant walts.
  3. Might it just be that an ETS officer is a staff officer at the MCS(A), rather than ETS mgmt consultancy?
  4. You are probably right, there is so much newspeak to keep up with these days
  5. Ingsoc?
  6. How can the ETS consult on management when they have not managed anyone or anything? However if you want theory buffs they are your team
  7. A bunch of management accountants as I understood it.