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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by insttech, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. After talking with the ETS Officer at my local AEC I mentioned that comissioning into the ETS is an option I am considering. He told me about the LDI (he was unsure of the initials or details) where WO's are attached to AEC's with a look forward to comissioning into the ETS. Does anyone have any further info on this? I'm a WO with 7 years left and have a BSc.
  2. Check PM
  3. Devexwarrior, can you send me that info also via pm please, as I am also looking along the same lines as insttech. For some reason I am unable to pm anyone. thanks
  4. I heard that it was a trial with 6 SNCOs, 2 from REME.


    From early 2010 to mid 2012, HQ DETS(A) will be conducting a trial that offers the opportunity for up to six SNCOs to serve for a tour of duty with AGC (ETS). These trial appointments are referred to as Learning and Development Instructors (LDI). The trial is intended to validate the concept of the LDI and identify constraints and opportunities.


    • This is a trial only and there is no commitment to an ongoing scheme.

    • Three Arms and Service Directorates (A&SD) (Infantry, RLC and REME) have been invited to identify volunteers to participate in the trial. There is no requirement for ETS personnel to take action to identify or recommend candidates. Soldiers who make enquiries should be referred to their parent MCM Div.

    • During the trial, the volunteers will be posted as LDIs on an ETS PID. The LDI volunteers will remain on respective A&SD liability and will return to their respective posting plots after the tour with ETS.

    • Whilst the LDI concept must undergo a trial, it has the potential to:

    o Enhance the LDO capability and support to units.

    o Provide mutually beneficial experience for those seeking an LE commission in the ETS.

    o Provide role models whom learners will identify readily.

    • It is anticipated that the trial LDIs will:

    o Be based in selected Army Education Centres working with LDOs.

    o Advise on Army Education Service functions, e.g. CLM, Basic Skills provision, languages and Army Learning Centres.

    o Support the development of learners, e.g. learning programmes, personal and professional development plans and manage and assess learning.

    o Support the delivery of learning (under supervision), e.g. supporting, coaching and teaching instructors.

    o Manage their own professional development through collaborative learning, professional competence and evaluation of professional practice.

    o Support Army Education Centre functions.

    • LDIs are not intended as a replacement for LDOs and ETS LE commissioning opportunities will remain.

    • During the trial tour, LDI volunteers will obtain a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Post Compulsory Education and Training) (PGCE (PCET)) from Southampton University. Those without an Honours degree will gain a Certificate in Education (the professional licence to teach in the FE sector). Course fees will be paid by DETS(A) and residential elements of the programme are attended as duty.
  6. Yes they are and no they won't!
  7. Thanks for the very useful info.
  8. First three are on the Branch Training Course now, due to complete next month. Next three will be in AECs from Jul 10. If this trial goes well then might be more LDIs required.
  9. it looks to me like LDIs will be the death knell for ETS DE officers as well. What can an ETS young officer do that an LDI can't? They will get the same post-graduate training as a DE officer. Why not have a mixture of LDIs and civilian AEC managers. CLM is hardly run in AECs any more and all the other AEC functions (resettlement, basic skills, ALCs etc) are already done by civvies. What do the officers add? If someone says credibility exactely what credibility does an ETS 2Lt add to a CLM course of teeth arms Cpls with multiple HERRICK tours under their belt?
    I'm not saying this is a bad thing, to be honest if the defence cuts that are planned target ETS rather than, say the infantry, would we really complain?
  10. Looking at your other posts you seem to have a bit of a "thing" about ETS. What happened-did you get rejected by them? What is clear is that you have very little knowledge of what the ETS does, both in and out of AECs - ans defore you kick off, I do not intend to get into a highest up the wall contest with you.
  11. I see LDIs as a welcome addition to the ETS, not a replacement for Commissioned Officers. In fact I think it is a long time coming.

    However, Western, the ETS are not school teachers with a Commission. They are DE Officers who do the same course as everyone else. Forget the whole 'credibility' rubbish; if ETS Officers are to correctly help develop soldiers, surely they need to have a good idea of what these soldiers have to do? If an ETS officer is to make CLM more appropriate to the Army, the instructors need to have a good idea of what the Army is about. Being a DE and having LEs and LDIs does this.

    But also remember two very important points.

    1. The ETS delivers what it is asked to by the directorates. We deliver what the cap badges said they needed. If people thing CLM 08 is crap, then go and see Director Training and the other head of arm directors who asked for it.

    2. The ETS is constantly fighing fires on behalf of the Army. So many soldiers are unprepared for promotion by having difficulties with numeracy and literacy and yet many units seem either reticient to resolve it or just don't care. What do you do when promotion time comes around the people are on back to back rotations? You go to the Educator, who cames with you, and ask what can be done. It's a minor role, admittedly, but surely it's a helpful one for British Soldiers? Surely we should be asking for the ETS to be doing more to help develop our soldiers, not sounding the death knell for them?
  12. I wasn't sounding the death knell for ETS per se, I am just struggling to see why you need a whole DE and LE officer structure to deliver what you have just described. If the LDI is trained (and I note they will be attending the same post-graduate course as the officers), then what can't they do that an officer can? Why have a whole career structure for officers, serving to 55, when you can get LDIs from other capbadges to do the job? In AECs it seems to me that most functions are performed by civilians, so where does the officer fit in? I appreciate the education support given to units on ops, but again can't see why the type of support given couldn't be provided by WO2 LDIs. I know some units (infantry i think) get an ETS LDO in barracks now, but those that don't seem to manage as well (or as badly!) education-wise as those who have one. The RA have self-funded an equivalent of an LDO for each of their regiments, and have recruited retired WO2s mainly to fill this role. It will be interesting to see how they perform compared to the ETS LDOs
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    Will the LDI's have special TRF's.

    Outsider havn't you got other sites to go and play on?
  14. Will the LDI's have special TRF's.

    Outsider havn't you got other sites to go and play on?[/quote]

    You are not an ETS officer are you? I hope not, as if you are remedial work on the use of the apostrophe may be required!