Eton toff heckled in South London: say NO to Tory cuts

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ProudToBeLabour, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. Eton toff "Call me Dave" Camera-on

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  2. Gordon Brown, maybe not a slick salesman, but the man whose decisive leadership has delivered us fro

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  1. "Call-me-Dave" Camera-on thought he could steal Labour's ideas and try to talk about creating more apprentices!

    "Call-me-Dave" Camera-on thought the young Lewisham crowd would be too stupid to see through his slick salesman routine!

    "Call-me-Dave" Camera-on thought he was cool, that if he rolled up his shirt sleeves then he could get down with the kids!

    Well: HAHAHAHA. He got SCHOOLED.

    He was HECKLED. He was BOOED. He was JEERED.

    He was told how LABOUR had kept unemployment low. Why this is no time for a NEW BOY, how we need a voice of calm authority and experience at the helm. How the Tories believe THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SOCIETY.

    "Call-me-Dave" Camera-on just couldn't handle it, and decided to answer questions from the POODLE PRESS instead.

    Watch his TOTAL HUMILIATION for yourself here:
  2. Proud to be Labour = Fuckwit and Traitor
  3. Dream on f**kwit.
  4. Seems the only people voting for Labour are those who think Maggie is going to come back...
  5. This kind of sh1t is being crayoned all over the place either without much prior thought or betraying the contempt in which the Unite in house political party holds the electorate.

    Saw much the same post from a one post wonder on a motoring forum earlier today.

    Democracy at work eh?

  6. You are a Knob

  7. Personally, I'm not voting Tory because they have stated they plan to reduce animal research.

    However, I will also not be voting Labour because they plan to cut science funding.

    Still on the fence at the moment, but neither of those will get my vote.

    Oh, my! Look how I managed to put my point across without resorting to infantile insults/witty Daily Mailisms...
  8. PTL. You are a complete bellend. Mods, to the hole?
  9. Gordon Brown -apparently 'the man whose decisive leadership delivered us from recession'.

    Yes - one down, only another one or two to go.
  10. Is it half-term already?

  11. Whilst everyone else is at work, "ProundtobeontheDole" posts a thread with arguments that a six year old could see through.

    You have to wonder how we ended up paying people to only eat, sleep and breathe?
  12. Proud to be labour !!!?? WTF?!!! ....methinks you are a Labour party rat trying to tell more lies before the coming election, you will find no support here , labour hate the military, always have always will, and as for keeping unemployment low ??????
    All new Labour can do is talk about how posh the tories are, thats it thats thier/your only angle , the Daily Mirror did a hatchet job on Daves misses only yesterday.
  13. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    He is at work. It's CDS on a wah
  14. I was quite impressed by David Cameron's performance. I can't imagine the Prime Minister standing up in front of people who would not normally vote for him or his party and taking a question and answer session. His media appearances, with their stage-managed interviews and hand-picked audiences, seem tame by comparison. The individual who heckled has been accused by Nicholas Watt in the Guardian of "reading from a piece of paper which bore a remarkable similarity to Labour's anti-Tory script". I can quite easily imagine the party of Damian McBride, Charlie Whelan and Derek Draper trying something of that nature. Cameron has been touring the country for months now conducting this kind of unscripted, inclusive and undiluted discussion..

    Edited twice for spelling.
  15. Proud to be In Labour, go back to you hole Gordie only appears to have 15%. And as to delivering us from the recession, there is still quite a distance to go, incidently, people who do what he does outside of politics go to jail you know!