Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by spigot, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. Hi all...

    I have been booked onto an ETL course,

    des anyone know know what the format for it is and what kit I need to bring.

    (and yes I will speak to the PSI :roll: )

    Thanks. S
  2. PT kit as lots of runs/warm ups/ cool downs are involved, since thats what you're learning about. CFT kit as well normal classroom stuff for the theory side of things
  3. As posted elsewhere:

    Run at unit level (regular) over 3 days with classroom work & practical sessions, finishing with a written test and a practical assesment to be completed within 4 weeks of the course prior to being added to the ETL register.

    Classroom sessions included:
    Purpose, function & constraints of an ETL
    Qualities of an ETL
    The Army Code of Conduct (ref: ETL)
    Warming Up, Cooling Down, Flexibility
    Writing & Completing Risk Assessments for Running/Endurance Marching

    Practical Lessons included:
    Taking a Warm Up
    Taking a Cool Down
    Conducting a steady state run
    Conducting Endurance marching

    Each candidate took turns to conduct each of the the above.

    The written assessment was multi choice and for your practical you can do either a run or march. You must complete the risk assessment, organise date/time & group you are taking, all admin e.g. safety vehicles, booking in/out camp, med cover etc (see risk assessment).
  4. Ace, Thanks for the replies...