Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by VirtualSoapBox, Jun 17, 2005.

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  1. As I’m fairly new to this sort of thing I was wondering if there is any ARRSE etiquette regarding Drink Driving in the Chat rooms.

    Last night saw VSB have a few scoops to many and, being well beyond any hope of lady pleasure or self abuse :x, he retired to the comfort of the Chat rooms. Although I’m fairly sure I didn’t go off on one or say anything bad mty sppeling w;sa a biit likethjis :oops: . In the cool light of a hung over and shabby day, and after several cups of tea, I have begun to wonder about my behaviour and have a question.

    Is it regarded as poor form to Chat whilst being unable to speak or is it just regarded as funny?
  2. You know, even in "chat" you have to type out the words :lol:
  3. I thought it was regarded as normal :roll:
  4. I should imagine you need to be able to make yourself understood, apart from that, crack on it gives us someone to ridicule and laugh at :D
  5. Thats a relief :):):) Poppy, i love your signature block
  6. You were a pished up arrse VSB but no more than most of us have been at some stage.

    When you going to give me the tenner you owe me from our bet?
  7. VSB, do not worry. You were charming and sweet in chat last night and any time that you want to be that way, that's ok with me.

    Makes it easier to take advatange of you! :twisted:
  8. VSB dashes outside for a quick cold shower to cool his rising ardour
  9. Rox - please do not display that cleavage while I am at work. Am now having to explain to folks my magic trick of raising the desk with no hands. can't even get up and walk away as not enough spare room in these trousers. :evil: :twisted:
  10. It is the NAAFI chat so I assume, having never been in a proper NAAFI only heard tales, that being on the lash is common place.

    With that said it never detered me from entering the NAAFI with a cooler full of beer next to the desk........

    There is an exception to the rule and that is if you are an utter cnut when sober, such as mooch, then on the lash and in the NAAFI is like setting the match to the petrol can.....
  11. "You were a pished up arrse VSB but no more than most of us have been at some stage."

    There but for the Grace of God, go I!