Etiquette and disagreements

Discussion in 'Officers' started by thebigtone, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. Just wanted to know what the etiquette is when you disagree with a more senior officer or when said officer is completely in the wrong but throws his weight around a little.
    As a lowly 2Lt very soon rising to the dizzy heights of Lt the best thing would be to keep your head down when it comes to disagreeing with seniors and most of the time i'm happy to 'wind my neck in' and do as i'm told but on the odd occasion it does grate me.
    I refer to an incident regarding mess rules within the mess between a 2Lt and a Capt where the Capt gave said 2Lt a dressing down over what he was wearing (no pun intended) and told him to leave the public room rather bluntly.
    On checking the mess rules the 2Lt found he was actually correct.
    Would it have been acceptable do you think for the young'un to respectfully refer the captain to the mess rules or later point out the error to the captain and show some displeasure in the way in which he was spoken to or is it a simple paper/scissor/rank affair.
    I assume it isn't one of those situations where you rely on instinct and call said officer a cnut and tell him to go check the mess rules while reminding him he isnt a Lt-Gen?

    Thanks, T
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Dear God with an attitude that Chippy you must be in a Corps.
  3. Dear God, Dear God? With chat like that you most definitely are not. Thank you however for your input.
  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    As I said.....
  5. Was your Burberry shirt in the wash?
  6. Just ignore Gremlin, he knows not of that which he speaks. The answer is simple; you must offer the Capt out immediately. Your integrity and honour is at stake here. Dispatch a second immediately to his place of residence and challenge him to a bare-fist duel on the mess lawn.
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Swords or pistols at dawn

    However for the love of God if you turn up with a sword make sure he hasn't brought a pistol it could get messy
  8. throw the mess rules at him and tell the capt to stop being a prick. he's a capt only because he's been in 5 mins longer than you have.
  9. Can I suggest you bite your tounge and pray hard he gets posted, taking on Captains in a mess in my experience is a silly move, and, if you are about to get your second pip arn't you soon to be posted to the delights of a Depot? If so shut up and spend more time doing sport or out of his orbit.
  10. Pimpernel offers the most sound advice. Your circumstances are of a kind where discretion is usualy the better part of valour.
  11. Bugger discretion; next time you see him at the bar, march up to him and offer him out.
  12. Thanks eodmatt, I would also point out if you intend to go the whole 9 yards with HMF then this offending Captain could well become important in your carreer, so be careful who you piss off as a puppy!
  13. get real...its a fooking captain...unless he's the Adjt or an LE he's a nig and in 18 months you'll be the same rank...may be different in an inf / cav unit but in a corps Capts are ten-a-penny with 4 or 5 per sqn
  14. Speak to a more friendly Captain in the mess and explain it to him and he can have a word.

    Incidently there is no rank in the mess less for the PMC and CO. Or at least there shouldn't be. Some Regiments take this so seriously they do not wear rank on there mess kit based on the premis that all mess members are gentlemen and thus will conduct themselves as such.
  15. Tempting, but probably unwise. A mate of mine did something along those lines as a Cpl, to a Lt. Later on as a Ssgt, he had the former Lt as an OC in Germany. Career ended! There are many other ways that you can extract revenge - a dish that should be eaten cold.