Ethnic questionnaire - the "I prefer not to say" option.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by gobbyidiot, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. I was talking to my pal the copper, and he says that on every course he goes on they make him fill in a questionnaire on his ethnic origin. He i) suspects the use to which the information is put, ii) dislikes any kind of affirmative action, and iii) is a difficult b*stard :lol:

    So he has started ticking the box at the bottom - "I prefer not to say".

    Invariably some boss comes up and says, "I noticed you ticked this box. Could I ask you why?"

    He, of course, replies...........................................

    "I prefer not to say".

    Now, if 80% plus of people, for sheer devilment, ticked that box, it might be interesting. It would be like the "Jedi" in the census. "I prefer not to say" could be the dominant ethnic group in the UK.
  2. I tend to put that on official stuff. However, in my current workplace, I'm a Chinese Muslim.

    If you give me the opportunity to f*&^ you about with no potential comeback, you'd better believe that I'll use it!
  3. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I believe that the 'ethnic origin' is a self defining issue...basically you can decide yourself what ethnic origin you are, this is why the Police have to ask you what your ethnic origin is and not just mark it down themselves.

    Therefore there is no reason why you can't be a black asian neo-pagan.

  4. Where I work im a black disabled pregnant lesbian with learning difficulties. The H/R department love me and won’t sack me for love nor money as I fill all the boxes for them.
  5. I always like to reply that I'm in an ethnic minority, either religion or race. Mainly because I know there will be no comeback. You don't have to have a heavy tan to be a Muslim, nor do you need to have curly hair to come from Jamaica.

    Not only that, people can't then pick on you - "Is you picking on me as I is black?".
  6. On those forms I always fill my ethnic origin as Other and write Telluric
    Dictionary definition - of or pertaining to the planet Earth :D
    Like to see anyone in authority argue with that one :p
  7. I must admit I always tick the "white irish" box although I can't see why that was included in the first place. I remember working in a Govt Dept where a mormon colleague kept making provo jokes until I jumped down her neck. If I had been anything else her boss would have done it. Saying that I don't see myself as any different to anyone born here (mum is english anyway)
  8. being an awkward sod I always go White Other and then put English. Just to be bloody minded about it, might try something else next time though
  9. I usually fill mine out thus:

    If other please state: Ulster-Scot zoroastrian with vegetarian overtones.

    Remarks: Wasn't my ethnicity important enough to list with the others you RACIST!! You'll be hearing from my lawyers...
  10. That's a good one, might try that next time. When it comes to the religion bit on these things, am I right in thinking that "Jedi" is now an officially recognise d religion after the last census.
  11. In todays PC UK, is it not a bit weird how they ask you to define "what group" you are...are we not all supposed to be the same?
  12. We recently had a Trust Wide Exercise to update the Trusts records of our Ethnicity, Creed, Sex, Gender etc

    I advised all my staff as this was not an anonymous survey to fill it in with their correct colour, (difficult to argue about) but as for the rest they could tick the box, "I prefer not to say"

    We are now a mainly white (80%)Catering department and we swing which ever way we feel like.

    I am sure that if everyine answered that they would prefer not to say, HR will run another survey without that box to tick.

    It angers me though, why do they need to know if someone is a Fudgepacking Chinaman who worships in a synagogue and rides around in a wheelchair.
  13. I thought that, (well actually still do), but the term is "Equality and Diversity"

    So although I would say everyone should be treated the same, because some people are different we have to treat them differently.

    Clear as fcuking Mud :roll:
  14. Being a Heinz 57 type person I tend to tick loads of boxes and the mixed race.
    Comments: Mostly Scottish, Irish, English, a small sliver of Italian.

    I have been mistaken as Chinese when I was a kid (a lot) so wonder if I can get away with adding that to the list too. :)