Ethnic FireFighter Uniforms

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by RABC, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. Link

    Is this pandering to the PC brigade, or sense ??
  2. And I would like to see her climb a ladder in that skirt............ no I really would!
  3. Shouldn't that story come out on Wednesday?
  4. Plenty of room for incendiary devices under there.....................................
  5. Why would changing the colour of the uniform encourage ethnic minorities? Surely 'what does the uniform look like?' would factor pretty far down the list when applying for something like the Fire Brigade.
  6. It made me laugh this morning when I heard this on the News. There they were saying that a new uniform was being introduced to "standardise" the uniform across all the Brigades, then the reporter said "Of course, each county can still decide if they want to purchase this for their Brigade"!

    But then that's the BBC for you!
  7. How the hell is she going to jam that dress into her turnout gear trousers to go on a call? :?
  8. I agree with this up to a point.
    The 'formal' uniforms are a good step, the full firefighting garb can't be that comfortable, and looks very scruffy.. Saw the local brigade parading at the last remeberance day service with literally singed uniforms and battered helmets. Although I think these will probably be more post office formal of a short sleve tatty shirt and ill fitting trousers, usually without headdress which is a shame.

    As for the 'ethnic' range, fair enough, I think it's good when turbans are incorpoated into uniforms, like the AAC blue turban I've seen etc... It's inclusive and recognises the society that we are, rather than encouraging them to wear their own 'civvy' headscarf and looking scruffy and out of place, as well as potentially clashing with the CoC.
  9. I thought the idea of the Fire Brigade uniform was to be able to be worn UNDER the protective kit.

    How prey tell is that dress going to fit under the protective kit?

    or will there be an Ethnic/Gender pleaseing fair cubby box fitted to the side of the fire appliance, for changing.... explosive bolts could sever the attachment as the wagon pulls away.
  10. There's an Asian Fire Service Association? What a crock!
  11. She wears trousers.

    Another sh*tty thread holed.