Ethnic cleansing in That London - no, honest

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Cold_Collation, Mar 17, 2011.

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  1. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

  2. Not good enough, get muslims out of England.
  3. These politicians are simply unbelieveable! We may laugh but these loonies are sincerely believing their own drivel!

    Oddly, as a relatively poor person, I do not live in St James' Square! I did look at the latest property there, but £125,000,000 was a bit over budget.

    I choose to live in the cheap North West of the UK.

    Why the hell should I subsidise anyone else to live in central London!

    If I chose to live there I would get off my ARRSE and get a better income to afford to do it.

    If you have come three thousand miles to the UK, assuming we should let that happen; and support people when they get here, assuming we should let that happen; then they should go live in the cheapest property we have in the nation, and if that means travelling another couple of hundred miles on top of the 30000, why not?

    Many people have to move house for work, why the hell should people who are not working be any different?
  4. I've got news for Ms Buck there are a large number of Labour voters that would like to see Muslims out of London.
  5. I can't decide whether it is better that she be ridiculed or whether some sort of action be taken against her for slander.

    The whole Housing Benefit scam and the associated sh1t that politicians of all hues come out with (yes, thank you Boris) makes my p1ss boil.
  6. "She told the Independent: “I am very, very concerned about the impact of these cuts on black, Muslim and ethnic minority households, in particular."

    Why more concern about ethnic minorities? I ******* hate champagne socialists.
  7. If the poor and the immigrants don't like where they are put to live they can either get a job or go elsewhere, they have all done quite nicely out of the taxpayer and it is time it stopped.
  8. The tories are in charge now and people will have to learn to stand on their own two feet, the nanny state is hopefully going to disappear. If people want to better themselves then crack on and stop whining and stop being outraged on other peoples behalf as most of us really don't give a shit.
  9. I have no problem with the concept that poor people should live in poor peoples housing in poor areas.
    No one pays my mortgage for me, why should I be taxed to death to pay for people to live in better areas and houses than I can afford?
  10. Thats pretty much my take on it.
    I don't care who lives in central London just so long as they pay for it themselves.
  11. As I've said many times before, stop all assistance to immigrants until they've worked and paid their taxes for two years.
  12. But what about their human rights?
  13. I agree but what of asylum seekers that aren't allowed to work?
  14. They have a right to go and get as many jobs as they can to support themselves and their children.
  15. As Jarrod put it 'who really gives a shit'!