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I've recently switched to browsing on Brave, a chromium based browser which blocks all ads.

Seems to be faster than Chrome, better selection of search engines but otherwise familiar.

It does however have a unique twist... If you allow the ads through then it rewards you with BAT tokens which can be exchanged for Etherium, the second largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin.

I seem to average 25-30 BATs per month, not a lot but worth $15-20 dollars. Seems like a good way of getting some crypto without the nerdyness of mining for it.

Also which is a twitter replacement, though without the character limit. You get points if people comment, upvote or retweet, which are then converted into Minds ethereum tokens daily. Feels very different to twitter as if someone wishes to call you a fascist they are giving you points, so far more civil and they operate a free speech policy. I seem to average 2-3 Minds per day which is currently $2-3 a day.

Brave download.

Register at

Both are still small but I doubt they'll be the last etherium based applications we'll see.

For instance I posted a rant about having to deal with the nest of viperous fuckwittery otherwise known as Nationwide building society. And therefore was paid out for ranting about fuckwits. Which made me feel better.


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Another one which has come out is

They mainly seem to do esports competitions, think Counterstrike with gambling, but a smattering of channels have started using their tech.

Basically you watch the video, when the trophy icon turns green you've earned a VRA token. Seems to be about 5 minutes per token. Now hey're only currently worth a penny each but low market cap and only recently launched so could well go somewhere.

Not surprisingly most of the youtube style channels using their tech are crypto related thus far, cryptonews for example.

On the whole though I'd be surprised if it didn't take off amongst a broader range of channels.

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