Ethel Gordon Fenwick - by Jenny Main

I was Voluntold to review this book. My interest in medical matters and history is well known to some, and I already had a tiny bit of knowledge of Ethel Gordon Fenwick.
If you have any interest in medical history, nursing, social history or women's rights, this is the one book you have to read.
Excellently researched it covers not only what she did (and she did so much) but the social and political background surrounding her, Britain as well as the wider world at the time.
The most important part, for me, it's written non-judgementally. Facts are simply stated.


spoiler alert, This remarkable woman transformed nursing and turned it into a proper profession laying the foundation for modern nursing.

Read it. Only you are not having my copy, that's going to live in my shed/office to be in the background of all my teams/zoom calls.

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Thank you @theoriginalphantom for reviewing a book you didn't ask for. Glad I picked the right 'volunteer'!

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