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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by syledis, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. Ive just switched from BT to a post office phone line, and cant get online on my main PC. I have the following set up

    Etec modem
    Orange broadband package
    windows vista
    post office phone line

    I called all of the help lines but they were useless, i really need someone to talk me through this
  2. Ok, a check:

    1. Dialtone?
    2. Did you keep the same number as when with BT?
    3. If number changed, have you told Orange?

    The changeover from BT to PO may just be a computer software change and maybe omitted the Orange part in it!!

  3. i have a dialtone

    i have different number at the same address

    i have told orange about the new line and they have confirmed it is active, but wont help with tech support as im using my own modem

    i used the same modem and it worked on the bt line
    in the odem set up it still says i have a bt line, dont know if that is relevant

    any ideas? im getting desperate!!
  4. Just looked up your moden on the net, was hoping there would be a phone socket on it so you could see if dial tone was available on the modem.

  5. Are you use you have your modem set up properly? ADSL username and passwords, also check the Multiplexing method and VCI and VPI values. Orange should give you these, if not just access them from the router they gave you.
  6. i have my password and connection thingy

    and they said it was a dynamic ip

    and wired.dhcp

    WTF is that?
  7. Got it working!!

    it had defaulted back to an old password

    thanks for the help and advice.