ET Question

Got this Item on ET as a 7617 entry, But no one in QM Dept or MT Dept has any idea what it is. As item on Unicom, as a Manufactor Part number unable to use tranquery to look at IV/RV trail. Part of BOO investigation


got over 40 on unicom

anything to do with running kits for vehicles, ??


If you are in BFG it could be BFG road safety kits for your B vehicles.
In tranquery if you enter the number 0 in the nsn field it will open a window listing all items with NO NSN in alphabetical order. You can select the item you want and do the query.
You could try a search of the manufacturers part number on an MMPI disc to see if there is an NSN.
Failing all the wise words above ring SCOC (who this week are being remarkably helpful for a change! I did as the Army appears to have run out of Peripel!!! :? overdue from trade ...the old ones are the best )

Get put through to the IPT for said item which worked wonders for this call sign,gave me delivery dates at DSDC and when I could expect to receipt it :D
There is a schedule for it (do know the number for it of hand) but each kit comprises X1 first aid kit, X1 warning triangle, X1 flashy amber light, X2 boxes of surgiacl gloves and X2 high viz vests. Hope this helps.

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