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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by no1cares, Jun 21, 2006.

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  1. What is it with alchohol that makes you want to dial loved ones? Whats the worst/most regrettable thing you've said when pi$$ed? (if you can't remember, whats the worst thing you've ever been reminded of the next day)??
  2. It has been said that I told my ex that whilst she wasn't fat, her stomach did have the consistency of quicksand. All well and good to encourage the old girl to step away from the cake and get down the gym, the problem was she wasn't my ex at the time. It took a while to find out why my relationship suddenly died. Still, the best nights out are the ones you don't remember right? ;)
  3. Drinking to excess depresses you slightly, but also gives you false confidence. I phoned my dad up after getting proper fcuked up on absynthe. Poor c'nt foned me up the morning after asking me am i alright, he was generally concerned for me. I said something that really upset him, but im not repeating it.
  4. Called my ex-girlfriend, thinking she was my current girlfriend (although both are now ex!) and declared my love for her and how much i wanted her, etc.

    Then i got a call from my girlfriend (heard through friends of the fatal call) dumping me because i had been having it with my ex. All because their numbers were next to each other in the phone!

    Ah, alcohol... :)
  5. Did yout tell him that you were a liney eyescream??
  6. Yea he thought it was fcuking hardcore, u soft tw@t