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There's still of a bit of a monopoly thing going on with car insurance in germany as only certain companies can (will?) insure you. Axa rings a bell and funnily enough Naafi World Domination Un ltd, so that might be right lwm. Sorry Yantofkfdfgbkdfou, you're not so crazy
I raised the issue of the restricted choice of insurers for BFG last time I was there, following a discussion with an insurer. I was not convinced that the Evil Empire that is the BFG Licencing Office, headed up by a middle-ranking civ servant and an RO, could actually restrict an individual's choice of insurer.

And I was right - they can't. What they can do is dictate the level of cover individuals must have in order to register with their Passport to Pimlico-stylee licensing system. So, you can actually use any insurer, provided that the insurer provides cover which meets the BFGVLO's requirements. Most of the big companies won't do it, because they aren't flexible, but some smaller or specialist brokers and insurers will, which may be important for owners of classic or exotic cars who would be hammered by mainstream insurers.

The immediate hurdle for anyone wanting to stray from the AXA/NU coalition, of course, will be trying to get the android in the unit BFG office to understand, or to communicate with the BFGVLO's risible 'Helpline'.

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