Estonian Eagle

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AlMiles, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. Not a thread about Harry, this is about the Eagle insignia (said to have been given him by Estonian troops). Stonker was looking for a pic, here's one: the large eagle is on his front armour.


    Can someone confirm this is indeed Estonian military insignia?
  2. Looks like the Estonian Guards Battalion to me.
    Not an expert on the Estonian Army, just google and wiki:
  3. More to the point when is his servant going to clean that ******* pistol?!
  4. Christ man, you'll be wanting haircuts next! :roll:
  5. Nah, girlie hair is the new 'ALLY' don't you know? How the hell did it get that long in ten weeks?
  6. Harry's a Blues and Royals officer - which means it had been specially trimmed for the photo shoot....... 8)
  7. Never mind Harry, is that Tosh Lines off the Bill back right?
  8. I forgot about that public schoolboy look.
  9. I'm not sure but that wee lad with the Minimi back right looks about 10! And the blerk on his left holds his bang stick like a yank...

    T C
  10. That's because they are really all airsofters hired in for the day and that picture was taken in the same quarry they used to shoot Doctor Who in. Don't tell anyone. It's just like the moon landings.
  11. I might well be wrong but it looks similar to the eagle the Blues and Royals wear on their left arm. I have no idea of the significance, probably a French eagle from the Napoleonic war.
    Anyone from the Blues and Royals, Houshold Cav etc out there who knows?
  12. No the Napoleonic Waterloo Eagle from 1st Dragoons which eventually became the Blues and Royals is a different design

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  13. Looks like Richard "Top Gear" Hammond back left
  14. Hope he's not the driver