Estonia vehicle storage and recovery

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
My Nephew is doing the Mongol at the moment
they have had a hard time and the car is going to be shipped to Estonia at rally end, he wants to store the car and either drive back later and recover it, or find a cheap way to return it to the UK so that if can be used for his University work
any one have any knowledge about this or useful contacts
Thanks Joshua
I think he feels that way at the moment
its just I have an awful idea that my services may be required to assist in driving it back
being seen in a Mazda hairdressers cars would ruin my already slightly camp image
In fairness, dumping it in Tapa isn't actually that terrible an idea. Plenty of places it could be parked out of the way without complaint, and it's only 45min from Tallinn on the train, should he be minded to collect it.

Except for the millions of Russians allegedly watching the place like hawks.
They've already got my Strava traces...what else do they need? :D

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