Estonia says Russian Il-76 violated its airspace, 12 March

...Estonia got any warm water ports?
Uncle Vlad said "Is political information campaign based on a provocation, Estonian circus show anti-Russian hysteria to complicate relations between our countries.
Vos not me, you can't prove it was me".
And due to an anomaly with airspace responsibility, Vaindloo Island (though sovereign Estonian territory and airspace) is located under the St.Petersburg Flight Information Region, so aircraft transiting over it should be talking with Russian Air Traffic Control.

'It said the aircraft's transponder was switched on and a flight plan had been presented to Estonian authorities, but the plane maintained no radio contact with Estonia's air navigation service.

'Estonia's Foreign Ministry handed Russia's ambassador a protest note over the incident, though the Russian Defense Ministry denied violating Estonian airspace.

' “The flight was performed in strict compliance with the international rules of the use of airspace. The borders of other states were not violated, which was confirmed by objective monitoring means," the ministry said in a statement.

'Vaindloo is near a corridor where Russian military and cargo planes fly to get from the St. Petersburg area to the Russian Baltic Sea enclave of Kaliningrad.'

Estonia Says Russian Plane Violated Its Airspace Over Baltic
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Shouldn't that be the annexed German enclave of Königsberg in East Prussia, i.e. another bit of land acquired by force
......ah but it's OK if The Soviet Union Russia is doing it.......
Poland got some of East Prussia too.
Only because The Soviet Union wanted to shift it's borders 300km west to take back the losses of 1920-21 and just cutting-up the country and murdering millions of Poles had for some reason fallen out of fashion - for a while.

The Poles and Germans get on remarkably well given their shared past, the same can't be said about Poland and The Soviet Union Putin's Russia, still, one of the countries tries to atone for the past crimes of it's dictatorship years, the other revels in them, and is still a dictatorship*

*Clue - the Dictatorship isn't run by Mutti

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