Estimated 82,000 to be homeless in London

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taffnp, Oct 29, 2010.

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  1. As a result of the changes to LHA – which will come into effect in April 2011 – rates payable for one-bed properties will be capped at £250 per week, at £290 for a two-bed property, at £340 per week for a three-bed property, and at £400 per week for a four-bed property.

    Housing benefit changes 'could leave 82,000 London households homeless' - Housing - Log in to

    Time to build some hostels. Firstly, how did we get into the situation where we paying that much for someone to live next door to someone who was working hard to pay a mortgage for their property ?

    Obviously a number of "Landlords" have jumped on the bandwagon of renting property to the Council and making a wad.

    There is no way that those unemployed are going to find a job to pay that sort of money.

    I suppose we can look forward to a large shift in the unemployed to a town where rents are cheaper. I wonder if crime rates will decrease in the capital as a result of the move ?
  2. People on the jam roll shouldn't be living in houses that someone on 40k a year still can't afford.

    As you've said, they won't be made homeless, they'll be put into lower cost housing, or the landlords will have a severe rude awakening and change their rates. Anyways if they relocate all the wasters away from major city centres, i do believe that would make a day out being dragged round the shops with the mrs a far more enjoyable experience.

    I'm sure i'm not the only one sick and tired of all this scare-mongering. People need a reality check, and by that i mean that they can't just expect to have money thrown at them anymore. It's about time someone had the balls to implement something like this.
  3. terroratthepicnic

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    I wander how this will effect the housing market?
    What with tenants not being able to pay their rent, would landlords then be forced to sell their properties, which in turn would place more homes on the market and reducing the cost of houses even more. Due to supply outstripping demand.
  4. I genuinely do not have a problem with this, infact I'm pretty happy about it.
    Why should I pay for some lazy **** to live in a nice big house in a pleasant area just because they can't afford it off their own backs?
    I don't see anybody volunteering to pay my mortgage when I'm feeling a bit skint.
  5. From the impression I got from stepping over cardboard boxes the last time I staggered over Westminster Bridge looking for the Union Jack Club, that would seem to be a striking improvement.
  6. Live within your means, if you can't afford it move to some where smaller harsh but a fact of life why should I pay someones £1400 a month mortgage when I struggle to (but always do) pay my rent which is a lot less than that and is nearer the government proposals.
  7. That's the pisser, even though the rates will be capped at those ludicrously high levels the unemployed will not have to find a job to pay that money, that's the amount it is capped at, i.e what we will pay for. I'm all for cutting it even further. 250 notes a week of tax payers money for a 1 bed property? that's just ripping the piss.
  8. Housing benefit has been distorting the rental market for years now the councils say they will pay a maximum related to the market average but then review that figure every 6-12 months. Guess what? It kept going up.

    Realistically if you can't afford the housing in an area it is unlikely that there is going to be a lot of low skilled work close by that will allow you to pay for said housing, commuting, and generally staying alive. So "Get on your bike". I understand that there is a lot of low cost housing in Hartlepool and all points North, perhaps we could organise special trains to places where they can finally realise that work makes you free?
  9. Yes, and apparently 78,756 of them are ex services with 68,423 of them either being on the yomp to Stanley or had taken wireless ridge with a sharpened coat hangar and a flock of angry pigeons
  10. My heart bleeds - I don't earn a lot but I'm expected to pay my taxes to fund every other cnuts lifestyle...

    Life isn't fair - live with it or get an effin job....

  11. Just to clarify my rent is less a month than what they are allowed to claim a week so yep they can feck the feck feckin off!
  12. I wonder how many now claiming housing benefit will be able to find enough money to pay the rent out of their own pockets,like most of us,I struggle some months but I always get the rent paid!

    If thousands of flats become empty I think there will be one hell of a problem of squatters or/and Pikeys moving in?

  13. I assume the remaining 10,333 were on the balcony?
  14. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It's true I saw one of them in a 58 pattern sleeping bag the other day so he must have been ex mob. He had a beard which indicates to me that he was either a SF or a matelot. I'm assuming the latter because he was drinking a can of spesh at 8 in the morning. He was in his 50s or 60s so he must have been on the Sheffield or Cov in 82, sometimes you can just tell.
  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I expect that there will soon be 82,000 homeless in London, and soon we will all be wearing silver suits, travelling in flying cars, using our own personal jet-packs and eating three-course meals in tablet form...

    Or possibly the landlords in question will lower rents to conform with housing benefit payments so that they still continue to receive regular guaranteed income rather than having to find punters who can actually afford it...