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Can anyone give me some pointers, I have been tasked with delivering a TEWT based around the 7 questons/combat estimate. The TEWT is aimed at young officers and SNCO's.

Any suggestions would be greatfully received.


Thanks for the costructive advice spanish dave.

I am probably the most qualified and current instructor at my unit, I was mearly asking for advise/different methods of delivering the TEWT. Not advice about the subject matter!


TEWT is a Tactical Exercise Without Troops,

Not to be confused with a NEWD: Night Exercise Without Darkness!
No, seriously lol? Expand, i'm a civvie, so ya know! Just give us a little hint.. is it like working on your role as the top brass in a contact?
Come up with an Enemy (based on GENFOR?).

Come up with a Friendly Forces scenario. Produce a map trace of the local area (unit/group boundaries).

Introduce the ground and give the group areas within it. Brief group on their perceived phase of battle. Let them run with the recce/prep for Ops.

Can be done via Maps (a bit websters but if it's all you got, it's all you got), though best done on the ground. Should take a full day with RVs to highlight ground etc. Can be a great learning tool. Best worked when the group gets to DISCUSS all their ideas. Can produce some v good results & ups the learning curve of all (including yourself) involved.

Best of luck.

PM me if you need any other pointers.


Cheers dirk, I am conducting it out on the ground.

I have got about a month to plan it, so it should be good!

I have tried it as a map ex before, I did find that it had its limitations and not everyone participated, I scanned the maps to powerpoint and also had maps/ overlays on tables etc. Thats why I have gone for the great outdoors this time.
It should be a fairly straightforward exercise ['scuse the pun!]. Sort out a physical objective geared into your scenario. Get the bodies on the ground and give them the task of working through the 7 questions with a view to taking said objective [deliberate attack]. Get them to present their findings. DS then tears them to shreds!!

Seriously though, it's much better on the ground than a map-ex. Give them time, but not too much time, as they won't always have that luxury in real life would they? Also, it's useful for them to present their solution to the whole group and at the end invite some Q&A. That way, everyone learns from the others ideas.

My 4p worth!
If you can build it into a larger training exercise at a basic level, I found a good method was to take the platoon staff onto the objective and get the to TEWT it from the enemy's perspective. Get them to come up with a plan of attack and then actually execute it later. You can then talk over the pros and cons of it based on their actual experience.
As you're doing the TEWT with YOs / SNCOs, they had better not be novices at this 7Qs stuff.

I strongly agree with the previous suggestion of "do it on the ground", map TEWTs are strictly for BG staff and upwards.

If the class are likely to have done this stuff before, why not address a question in detail, rather than trying to do them "all at once"?

I always preferred to work backwards from the destination - e.g. figure out a TEWT in which the plan has gone to sh*t, they're out of comms with the boss, and they have to milk the mission analysis for "WTF do we do now?". New mission, new plan, crack on.

Remember - keep the scenario realistic, and simple. No crap jokes, no advertising your understanding of current GENFORCE doctrine with regard to scatterable mines and surveillance radar, just plain old boring stuff, consistent with what your training cycle is geared to.

Make sure any constraints on the students actions are tied in to the TEWT; rather than "we're not allowed to go into that field, we haven't got land clearance", make it a boundary, or a DF.

If you've got a couple of TEWTs on, and you are but a single cog in the machine, tie up a consistent scenario with the other instructors. If you're running multiple TEWTs, ditto.
A walk through across the terrain discussed is extremely useful. You can do it on a map, you can stand on a hill overlooking the area and come up with a sound plan but its amazing how things change when you get down there.
I am assuming your delivering a TEWT based a deliberate attack.

Some pointers from my own experiences and from watching over other assesments:

I would keep a spare Warning Order that you can pass around DS without having to hand over your TAM or Nirex. Nothing worse than getting a cocky DS who says right continue and thinks its clever to hold on to your orders.

In your model, make your pay particular attention to the map in detail. This is the most important part and the more information your troops have the better..

Confidence is the key to delivering a TEWT. Good delivery can help make up a lot for a crap orders.

Remember to have a seating..act out the part physically... i.e. point- 1 section IC I want you there, 2 Sec there, 3 sec there etc etc

I have seen a lot of Plt Cmdrs fall through on the detail. Remember "No plan survives contact." Make sure you cover all the main contingencies such as enemy preseen, depth positions, casaulties etc.

Don't just assume anything either. Remember and ask questions at the end using the Pose-Pause-Pounce method. That way everybody is kept on there toes.

Finally watch out when delivering AFCM(Antri-Fracticide Control Measures) under the CSS section of your orders don't just say lightstate for move A1 or signals C2. Clearly explain A1 is no white lights or whatever it is.

That is just some tips I came up with of the top of my head. No doubt more will come to me in time.

What is your posn exactly anyway?

EDIT: Having now actually read the full thread I realise your actually writing the tactical scenario to set to others. However I have left up my advice as I think it will be useful to anyone actually having to do a TEWT.

Whats this red line around the boundary on the map Staff?
The electric fence powerd by 1 of our generaters sir!
Oh Roger that.

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